selfies turn signature bridge into a noose, chokes traffic artery severely

by:Marslite     2019-10-08
The bridge provides four lanes for commuters, however, due to the increase in the selfie craze, people began to invade the bridge built to shorten travel time, the signature bridge is a real signature entity.
With its unique infrastructure, the bridge suddenly becomes a tourist attraction.
However, the attraction of tourists itself poses a problem.
However, due to the increase in the selfie craze, the bridge provides four lanes for commuters, and people are beginning to invade the bridge.
Over the past few days, half of the lanes were packed with selfies, and their vehicles stopped halfway without proper parking.
With illegal parking and 1-
Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia directed the authorities to develop safe selfie points and install permanent lighting equipment on the bridge for year-round lighting, not the current temporary lighting.
In his note to the Additional Chief Secretary (PWD)
Sisodia, minister of tourism and general manager of DTTDC, said that a parking facility and a children\'s park will also be developed near the bridge to ensure that tourism is boosted without causing any traffic jams on the bridge.
\"Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC)
PWD has successfully put the bridge into operation, and it is necessary for both institutions to work to make the bridge a major tourist attraction in Delhi, \"Sisodia said in the report.
The deputy chief minister also asked the authorities to ensure proper self-filming areas on the bridge, allowing young people to find safe places on the iconic bridge.
The iconic bridge fell into shape in November 4 and saw a large number of tourists taking selfies, some of them even risking their lives climbing up the top of the car and taking pictures of hanging cables.
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