secret machines\' bonkers new lighting rig

by:Marslite     2019-10-18
John McCain may be trying to laugh at Barack Obama\'s vote to provide a projector for the planetarium, but New York --based space-
The rock secret machine is firmly in the tank for a light show.
New Self of the band
Album title is reverb-
Heavy head tours are all their own, but in the band\'s upcoming tour they set the laser to \"dazzle \".
\"The stage setting of these machines was designed by famous lighting artist and set designer Es Devlin, who previously painted the stage for Kanye West\'s\" Touch the Sky \"tour, the movie version of Carmen by Sally Potter and the opera of Philip Grasse, offie.
\"It turned out that she was a secret Machine fan and was happy to work with the band\'s acknowledged meager budget.
\"I saw a suit she made for Wire in Barbican, like, \'Screw it, I want e-
\"Send her an email,\" the singer said . \"
Brandon Curtis, bassist.
\"The rock band is a victim of their technology and I really like how she re-
The conceptual framework of the rock band.
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