seattle\'s first legal pot shop runs out of marijuana

by:Marslite     2019-10-01
SEATTLE-The first and only casual cannabis store in Seattle became the second American cannabis store in Washington and was out of stock in just three days and had to close on FridayS.
The state allows the sale of marijuana to adults.
The city opened in Seattle on Tuesday, with at least 10 pounds people (4. 5 kgs)
Marijuana was sold and everything disappeared at the end of business on Thursday.
A message on the phone line of the store says it will be re-Opened in July 21.
There is widespread concern that, under the strict supervision and taxation regime approved by voters in November 2012, after the state issued the top 25 licenses to retailers, the shortage of cannabis will haunt retailers this week.
Some business owners plan to limit the amount of marijuana purchased by early customers in an attempt to keep the inventory going.
Amber McGowan, manager of Cannabis City, told Reuters on Thursday that the store may not have enough inventory to keep all normal scheduled business hours open until next week\'s delivery.
The store can only remain open by limiting the customer to 0, she said. 2 ounces (six grams)
Legal restrictions for each purchase, not 1. 0 ounce (28 grams). The roll-
From entertainment sales in Colorado and Washington, this is a broader trend of liberalization and liberalization
Cannabis activism is prevalent in the United States.
However, progress has been slow in Washington and state regulators are still processing more than 300 permit applications, with approved growers producing only limited harvests to date.
Industry insiders say the shortage may only be temporary, partly due to the short notice that many retailers have to prepare for the opening and the surge in suppressed goodsup demand.
This week, Colorado estimated that the state\'s total demand for marijuana this year was 130 tons.
\"A year later, there may be more supply of products,\" said Sean Green, chief executive of Washington cannabis producer kochlock Productions.
Wow Weed, another local supplier, said they were trying to help the store, but there was only so much they could do.
\"We have heard from retailers.
\"My voice mail is full every day,\" said wow Suzy Wilson . \".
\"The same person called over and over again, hoping I could pull something out of the air.
\"Consumers in Seattle, about 630,000 of the population, are frustrated that they have found a shortage and a Twitter user has urged the media to adopt a green\" pot light \"system for their windows, to show they have stock-similar to the flashlight used by the well
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