screen actors guild awards: watch the stage being set for sunday

by:Marslite     2019-09-26
There is a reason why the statue is called an actor;
The film actors Association Awards are all about performance.
But that doesn\'t mean the settings will be bare.
The 18 annual awards ceremony was held Sunday at the Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall near downtown Los Angeles.
During the week leading up to the ceremony, the Hall has always been the center of the frenetic work to complete the transformation.
The huge lighting truss is in place.
Temporarily set up a stage with unique art deco style.
Of course, big-
The proportional version of the actor himself-
Carved, if elegant sterilization-
On the floor.
Photo: Top picture nomthe Times has captured the buildings so far and there\'s more to come --
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Watching the competition is an outstanding performance of an actor in the film, the association is equivalent to the highest award for the Academy Award.
Contend: \"artist\", \"bridesmaid\", \"Descendants\", \"help\", \"Midnight Paris\".
\"Award, live at 5. m.
Cable\'s TNT and TCM also pay tribute to the performers on TV.
The outstanding performances nominated by a Ensemble group in the drama series include \"Boardwalk Empire\", \"destruction\", \"Dexter\", \"Game of Thrones\" and \"Good Wife\"
The nominees for the comedy series are \"30 Rock\", \"Big Bang Theory\", \"Glee\", \"Modern Family\" and \"Office \".
\"Whether bringing an actor home on Sunday heralds the success of next month\'s Academy Awards remains to be seen as an Oscar-nominated film and actor this week.
On February, the Academy members were officially voted by Oscar. 1.
Another: Photo: The actor\'s association \"cold watch\": who is looking for an Oscar?
Sagar award: The Times predicts film winners
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