sandro kopp paints a portrait of life with tilda swinton

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Artist Sandro Kopp is meeting with me to discuss the portrait exhibition he painted via Skype.
Alas, there was a moody morning on the subway, and as I struggled through town to come to the cafe by the river, I hope we can do the interview via Skype as well.
But there\'s something.
Emphasize Sandro.
Not just the thick beard and elusive features that gave him the aura of the mysterious monk, but the calm he showed, even when a group of waiters were clamoring to prepare for lunch.
This calm was even more impressive when I learned that Sandro was rather panicked (
That\'s what he said, a little worried. .
His exhibition is about to open in Paris, but the strike means that only the third painting arrives at the gallery when we meet.
He concluded with a soft, slow New Zealand accent: \"This kind of thing is happening and you just have to deal with it when it happens . \".
\"I am a positive person.
I have hope for solving the problem. it may be a foolish belief.
Sandro, 32, is long.
The long term partner of 49-year-old actress Tilda Swindon, I am willing to bet that this Zen quality is part of his appeal (
Of course, he is also very handsome, with olive skin, water spirit and heavy figure.
Tilted eyes).
If I were a jet
After setting the Oscars, I also wanted Sandro to be in my entourage just to keep my feet on the ground.
\"My lover travels a lot, and if I don\'t travel with her, I don\'t see her as much as I think,\" he said with a smile . \".
\"We have found a rhythm where I can be very efficient no matter where we are.
His third suitcase was occupied by a mobile studio consisting of folding easels, color palettes, paints and brushes, and when Tilda was on set, he continued his art.
It was this unusual lifestyle that made Sandro think of his Skype painting for the first time.
He has been working on a series of paintings by his friend Waris Ahluwalia, an exotic and beautiful New York --
Based in Sikh, the jeweler and party fixture, in Wes Anderson\'s Indian highway film \"Great Ridge,\" he strangely plays the train guard. \'He\'s amazing-
\"Rhapsodises Sandro looked at it with his long eyelashes and nose, explaining how one of Waris\'s eyelids caught light in a special way that he thought was irresistible.
\"We joked that I didn\'t have much to draw between the headscarf and the beard,\" he said with a smile . \".
Because the range of travel for the couple is very wide, it is not always easy to arrange a seat.
Then he was at Istanbul and I was at home so we said, \"Let\'s do it on Skype.
Sandro faithfully recorded the pixelation and screen distortion in his portrait resulting in a completely different painting.
\"I took the idea for a few months and then I thought it was really what I wanted to do,\" he said . \".
\"I like classical painting, but it\'s hard to put it in a contemporary context.
It\'s a very, very, very current way to use it-you probably won\'t get this kind of interference on Skype for five years-it\'s a very good thing to record that moment.
It sums up everything I like to paint from my life, but it\'s totally different.
He began to draw the series called \"frame not static. Hybrid)
Tilda was filmed in Connecticut in April and we need to talk about Kevin.
When she plays the guilty role
Sandro\'s nanny poses for him at home around the world, adapted from Lionel schlever\'s best-selling book, is the mother of a mental student.
He turned on his laptop to show me the portrait: his computer programmer brother Vinai (
Near Heidelberg)
\"Ugly Betty\" photo taken by American star Ferreira in New York
German actor Thomas clezman is a good friend of Sandro.
Pianist King Kong)
Sitting in Berlin; singer-
London writer Beth Orton, a jewelry designer in Paris, and friends from New Zealand.
Some images are as clear as the model is in the same room, while others are highly pixelated and Sandro prefers.
He admitted that there were times when I posted and downloaded something on YouTube at the same time to see if I could get more interference.
\"Added a 3-pixel-D.
But there was only one portrait of Tilda in the exhibition, which she drew at nairen\'s house, who was in Germany.
This is rather disappointing: after all, Tilda is not only his lover, but she also has that dramatic look and bone structure that should leave the painter ecstatic.
It was clear that she also posed in a humble manner-witnessing her extraordinary feat in 1995, when she was part of the artwork, lying in the gallery of snake-like stones for a few days, the glass case, Cornelia Parker\'s \"maybe\".
\"I really like to paint Tilda, but she is one of the busiest people I know, so when we have time together and we can draw, we \'d rather relax, said Sandro.
\"I probably drew about ten pictures for her.
When I was in Germany and she was at home she sat down there for me and I was going to Florida so we arranged some Skype appointments. She\'s super-
Amazing paint.
I think there will be more over the years.
Sandro was born in Heidelberg and grew up in a nearby village.
\'I am a countryman,\' he said.
Hermann popular science, his father, is an architect.
His New Zealand
Kayla\'s mother is an English lecturer at the school.
They separated when he was very young, and while their family was still in Germany, Sandro lived with his mother-hence his accent.
Both parents supported their younger son\'s artistic ambitions.
Kayla held the first solo exhibition of Sandro at the Skills Institute of local higher education institutions.
He is six years old and shows many animals and dinosaurs.
But it\'s not just his mother who finds his talent.
He recalled that my art teacher held a solo exhibition for my work when I was 14 or 15 years old.
It\'s great when I think back.
He stayed after school to help me hang up.
I don\'t understand at all, I\'m just annoyed that I have to stay.
He moved to New Zealand after he completed his voluntary state services, hoping to get closer to his mother\'s roots.
There, he took part in a \"learning connection\" at another art school in Wellington, which he called \"strange but a bit great \".
Of course, he was also involved in the Lord of the Rings, although he said he never wanted to be an actor.
\"It\'s such a huge work, Wellington is a relatively small place, and it\'s almost impossible not to get involved in these movies if you live there.
He admitted that I am a super movie fan and a geek who is a bit like Lord of the Rings.
What I really like is the community side of the movie.
Painting can be very lonely, I am not necessarily the kind of person who works alone.
He drew the production drawings, the moon.
It was illuminated as an untrusted elf, Beast, and gangdorian soldier.
\'Elves are my favorite, \'he said.
It\'s not surprising: he does have the qualities of elfin. .
A few years later, when the same crew members were brought to work on lions, witches and wardrobes, Tilda starred in the White Witch, who came to the competition.
Again, he was drawing and also got an extra Centauri character, \"funny ears sticking out of my head side and twisting \".
How he finally catches the attention of the heroine is not a topic he is happy to discuss.
He would only say that we met at a party during the filming.
Anyway, by the beginning of 2005, he and Tilda stayed at Nairn\'s house.
Since then, the couple have worked together in 2008 film Julia, in which Tilda plays an alcoholic, kidnapped a child and tried to restore herSandro (with stick-on moustache)
Playing Tilda\'s unlucky babysitter who ran twice in her car.
I jokingly asked if it affected the relationship between the two sides.
The Iron Curtain fell.
\"No,\" he said quickly . \"
\"She\'s just my woman.
The fact that she pretends to be someone else doesn\'t affect how I feel about her at all.
Dress up and pretend.
It was easy for me to laugh with her between two shots.
We cannot blame Sandro for his caution in his love life.
He was bitten before.
Last year, Tilda appeared to announce in an interview that she and Sandro happily shared a house with her former partner, the couple had to sit in a boring tabloid playwright and artist, John Bourne (
Author of Tutti Frutti, author of the 1980 series \"Scottish rock singer\", which launched the career of Robbie colerland and Emma Thompson).
It is considered that they own a car.
In fact, the media\'s description of their domestic arrangements is as distorted as Sandro\'s Skype photos.
Byrne and his partner, stage lighting designer Janine Davies, live in Edinburgh, but there is a cabin in Nairn so he can see his twins with Tilda, usually 13, it seems to be a good way of parenting, not a greedy gossip.
Sandro described Byrne as an \"amazing father\" and refused to portray himself as a father.
\"I like them very much. they are a family to me, but they have their father.
After drinking his coffee, Sandro went straight back to Nairn and now under the snow carpet he was excited about the prospect.
This is the rhythm of life, he said.
\"You will feel like you are still 1940 above.
The couple lived McGood\'s life, took care of their vegetable garden, and strode ahead of the Moors with their sprinter Spaniards to ride their bikes and watch movies.
But what is the real fun of Sandro?
Painting, he said.
In the evening, he locked himself in the studio and worked on self-design.
When he can\'t attract a friend to sit in front of a computer screen and take a picture of him.
He joked that I really didn\'t like to paint myself, but I was my most reliable model.
Occasionally, he will be surprised to walk out of this Highland idleness and walk the red carpet by Tilda.
Does he like razzmatazz?
\"I don\'t mind,\" he said kindly . \"
\"I mean, it\'s a little weird, but it\'s also weird to see a dentist.
We always do strange things in our lives, so this is not what I want.
His life may be a bit odd in some ways, but I was equally impressed by Sandro Kopp --adjusted.
Not a static frame (Hybrid)
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