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russia\'s medvedev hails bolshoi theatre revamp

by:Marslite     2019-09-05
MOSCOW (Reuters)-
President Dmitry Medvedev gave a nod of approval when he visited the Russian Bolshoi Theater on Tuesday, a month after he officially reopened one of Russia\'s top cultural treasures after a protracted scandalhit revamp.
The head of the Kremlin chatted with the ballerina with a bright smile, listening to the orchestra playing Mikhail greenka\'s \"Life of the czar\" on the main stage, framed with luxurious red curtains, there is a strong smell of fresh paint.
\"From an engineering point of view, this is a very good building,\" Medvedev showed on national television.
Channel 24 told the ballerina.
He added that he wanted them to restore the legendary Bolshoi spirit.
After years of neglect during the Soviet era, Bolshoi\'s main stage closed in 2005 and intended to reopen in 2008. The much-
The recovery is expected to be affected by delays and plagued by the funding shortage scandal.
It is expected that Medvedev will officially launch the renovated 19th-century ballet and opera house building at a grand ceremony on October 28.
Bolshoi was originally built in the same location in 1776 and survived three fires, the bombing of two world wars and the exhaustive use of Soviet leaders.
Bolshoi returns before it.
Soviet glory that cost at least 20 billion rubles ($662 million)
Includes renovation of the interior with rare pine panels and decoration with real gold.
In the Soviet era, the interior was torn and replaced by sound.
Absorb cement and copper.
The theater is also equipped with advanced stage lighting system, new underground floors and larger seating.
Dmitry Medvedev
The reformist and fan of Czar Alexander II, who liberated the serfs in the 19 th century, posed in the emperor\'s box, where the rulers of the Russian Empire once watched ballet and opera.
Both his mentor and former Prime Minister Vladimir Putin have said they will take part in the upcoming presidential election on March 2012. ($1 = 31.
284 Russian roubles)
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