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rihanna\'s dallas concert cut short by small fire

by:Marslite     2019-09-08
Although the exact source of the fire has not yet been determined, according to CBS affiliate in Dallas, the fire may have started with fireworks from the concert.
The video posted by the audience on YouTube shows that the lighting device above the stage looks burning.
Rihanna quickly left the platform before the fire. \"DALLAS! ! !
We\'re on stage tonight at FYAH! ! ! LITERALLY! ! !
I am very angry, I am very happy! ! !
Man, I have to come back! !
After the incident, the songbird tweeted. Ri-
However, Ri seemed determined to find out this fiery fluke, and later wrote on Twitter, \"go to a production conference and find out what happened! ! !
Keep your treble \".
Thankfully, there were no \"people down\" because there were no reports of injuries in the incident.
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