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review: motley crue and alice cooper offer a night at the rock museum in vancouver

by:Marslite     2019-09-25
A miscellaneous conversation with Alice kubernov.
21 | Rogers Alena vankuver--
The main farewell tour, especially in rock, has an inherent false sense.
Let\'s blame every band of the World Health Organization for destroying any authenticity of the rockers past, and let them bang out and give can the last leg, their fans were thrilled for the last time, their wallets were padded for the last time, without any doubt that they would come back, and somehow, for the next five or ten years, a little \"lifestyle maintenance \".
Motley Crewe\'s \"last\" performance in Vancouver
Let\'s proceed from a cautious perspective.
Proper plastic feel.
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= The true glory days of the Sle/glam rock band are far behind them, Sunset Boulevard-
Four of Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, Nikki Sikes and Mick Mars are moving forward. Or so they say.
Mainly the male crowd, from the rider who still takes the band too seriously, to the 20-year-old man who jokingly dresses up as Crue-
Complete with makeup and wigs.
In the middle, you have suburban residents among them.
He grew up with a band in his 30 s, occasionally giving himself a great weekend warrior night, and a rock dad who doesn\'t know how to turn off his smartphone flash.
This is a proof of the success of Crue pop music --
Contaminated metal brands are made up of parts like ZZ Top, Kiss, Queen and Alice Cooper, but there are more hairspray.
Speaking of Cooper, 66, it is appropriate for him to take part in the trip.
The born Vincent frrell has been enjoying the recent revival and recently reconnected with longtime producer Bob ez to make a sequel album for the classic 1975 album, Welcome to My Nightmare.
Cooper\'s performance is a time capsule, a clinic on how to fully transform into a stage beast.
Cooper\'s short, funky setting explores early cuts (No More Mr.
Good guy, I\'m 18, Billion Dollar Baby)
And meander along dirty diamonds in recent materials such as excellent Detroit rock.
All of these are very \"old schools\" handled with fireworks and bubble machines \"(
For the mixing of another brick on the wall by school peace gram Freud, part 2)
And other Cooper props on the menu.
Cooper, backed by three guitars, bass and drums, can no doubt rock the whole headlines, though a better combination of sounds will help.
On the sharp side, this is too much.
But it\'s impossible for Cooper to overtake the Crue at Rogers Arena on Friday.
Their set was focused on their own classics, and the band quickly gave up new materials like 08\'s Saints Of Los Angeles and rediscovered their catalogues in their early 80 s and 90 s: the same old situation, too fast for love, smoking in the boy\'s room, and the original scream, decadent from 1991.
It\'s hard not to look at the band now without the grunge lens, and it\'s hard not to look at how it beat glam metal in its early 90 s, and make the style basically out of date
Today, the 50-year-old Crue has brought a spectacle to pay tribute to the genre that sold more than 100 million records.
While Sixx, Mars, and Lee look pretty comfortable, Neil obviously has a hard time blurting out all the words to some material, skipping some of his lines to catch his breath, and barely hitting the fake notes. The sold-
The crowd outside certainly didn\'t mind, everyone was immersed in the old atmosphere, immersed in the synchronized fireworks display, taking as many pictures as possible on the phone. The band is over-the-
Top stage setting is worth a spine tap/Guitar Hero-
Style spoof: a giant lighting device designed like a five-pointed star and a huge roller --
The roller coaster track, towering above the crowd, hints at the important moment when Tommy Lee took his drum kit --
Still a miracle.
Hovering over the fans
With the bittersweet closer to home, everything will inevitably end.
But the explosion of steam, the dazzling lights and the oversized stage cannot cover up the fact that the band has lost the sharp, dangerous atmosphere of the doctor.
It felt good long ago.
Motley Crewe\'s \"Last Concert\" is a tribute to the post-80 s rock and metal glut, an ancient live rock
Inevitably go to the museum in Vegas.
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