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review: italian mystery show dazzles israel

by:Marslite     2019-10-11
How did they do it?
During the \"electricity\" period, I must have asked myself a dozen times this question, a performance by the Italian \"evolution\" organization, which recently performed in Israel for the first time.
The show is a unique and modern combination of black light theater, visual illusion and acrobatic dance, and even makes my 12-year-
The old daughter whispered \"amazing\" in the dark\"
She is not alone.
We feel that the audience is not allowed to rest even for a moment, and we are constantly surprised by some new effects that play in our minds: Is this a relaxing trick, dancer or video art?
It\'s all very energetic and I \'ve been peeling my eyelids for fear of losing something.
There is no doubt that we can all say that the dance guide Anthony heineer\'s \"electricity\" is a very creative dance drama performance, suitable for all, even children who don\'t like dance.
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