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review: imagine dragons bring lightning and thunder to auckland show

by:Marslite     2019-10-10
From the moment NZ made its debut on the Evolve World Tour last night, they pushed the barometer of the stadium to high pressure.
The energy and enthusiasm of this Las Vegas rock band is not lacking, from get-
Go until the last explosion of their favorite radioactive sound.
Support behavior temper traps do their best to warm up viewers who really only look at the main behavior.
When the lights darken again and imagine the arrival of the Dragon, the atmosphere changed significantly.
The dramatic lighting effect is combined with the band\'s introductory song to set the tone: loud.
The stadium staff provided earplugs to the children earlier, which should have prepared us for what we were expecting, but not.
Imagine the dragon being one of the loudest concerts I can remember --
This includes the Foo Fighter, which was held in Xiquan on 2011, when the earthquake was recorded.
Reynolds paused briefly and invited fans to leave \"everything\" at the door and enjoy it.
It is clear from his heavy breathing that this performance is not an easy task.
But Reynolds rehearsed very well.
His movements are natural,
The arrangement is not very gorgeous.
He crowded into the crowd several times and reached out to the audience at the crowded stadium.
At one stage, he almost climbed to the top of the fans.
It\'s hard to believe this guy will fight power.
By means of a concert. Various props -
On the top of the world, huge balloons fall from the ceiling and showers of paper scraps --
Enhanced the overall effect of seeing a fast-rising polished band.
They performed the \"big hit believers\" perfectly and became the second-longest No on the US bulletin board.
In history, the stadium was transformed into a magical sea of lights that will always be young.
When the band moved to the back of the stadium to perform close and personal to the fans, the highlight of the show came.
Next to me they launched an amazing and beautiful soundtrack version of the hit song with electric cello and other string instrumentsperfect vocals.
Their closed orbit is radioactive and then allows the audience to have a lot of smiles before entering the night.
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