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review: black keys\' greasy blues a glimpse of guitar rock\'s future

by:Marslite     2019-10-20
As long as the Black Keys are on the road, there is hope for the future of the guitar --
Based on rock.
This conclusion does not take a long time in the United States. S.
At the Canadian Tire Center on Wednesday, rock singers took a hard workout.
Perform for about 5,000 fans
Downward configuration of Akron Hockey Field, Ohio-
Born Grammy Award winners struggled in a powerful group of bands, waving rock flags cheerfully with hot guitars and thunderous drums.
Core duo of singers
Guitarist Dan Albach and drummer Patrick Carney took up the front of the stage, reflecting the early stages of their career when there were only two of them.
Behind them are velvet curtains, with the help of bassist Richard Swift and keyboard player John Clement Wood to fill in the sound.
While it took them time to get any material from their eighth and latest album, Turn Blue, it was a sweet journey.
Along the way, the band held out a hand and at the beginning, the dead and walked, turned to the next girl, and adapted to the original rhythm of the right-back, when Albach came out, release a twisted lick, an evil solo.
When the curtains fell and the dazzling lighting device was exposed, the audience roared.
The band began to add strength to the same old stuff and the first thing many viewers like most-gold on the ceiling.
They dug deep because they had a blue gold block on their first album to cheer fans for you, and then turned out a girl like you on the cover of Edwyn collins, perfectly combined with greasy Blues
Rock theme at night.
In the end, after a dozen songs, several tracks from the latest album appeared, including stone-
You\'re leaving, the psychedelic man. laden Fever.
Finally, the concert is a warm celebration of their entire career, not an opportunity to push for the latest album.
If you want to compare it to their previous visit to Ottawa, it\'s not so much a show of a blue festival as their grand appearance in Babylon ten years ago.
Kentucky rock band Cage elephants make the most of their 45-
The opening of the minute, the vibrant rock show, borders the controlled chaos.
There are a lot of things happening in dynamic songs, like in one ear, it\'s forever, their breakthrough hits, not rest for the wicked, but the band is able to express their intensity in a very cohesive way.
Of course, this external card is lead singer Matt Schulz, who never stops moving.
The singer kicked, rotated, shook his head, and threw his shirt. his voice penetrated the dirty arena sound, and a reckless stripe plunged him into the crowd, only surf back to the stage on the arms extended by fans.
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