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review: a gas light in the dark

by:Marslite     2019-09-29
Jack Harris, Third Man: Life and Times of William Murdoch, inventor of gasleby John Griffiths, Andre doich, page 373 who should have a good understanding of these things, I will tell you that their knowledge of William Murdoch is just that he is the pioneer of gas lighting, oh yes, didn\'t he go to the interview wearing a wooden hat and get a job at Matthew Bolton and James Watt?
Is there anything else to say?
In this remarkable book, John Griffiths is trying to prove that Murdoch is standing by Wattas, one of the smartest and most innovative engineers in the industrial revolution.
There seems to be no limit to the invention of this silent Scot.
In addition to his achievements in gas lighting, he has developed sun and planetary gears, swing cylinder engines, D-
A method of conveying energy, slide valve, isinglass (and messages)
Most importantly, it is the first working model of Steam transportation.
Given all this, why is Murdock relatively unknown outside the secret world of the gas industry?
This is a mystery.
Enigmais Murdock and he have little ambition at all, which is simply odd.
Watt took advantage of this selflessness and his middle name was supposed to be the captor of thought, prajalius.
The mystery is the missing Murdoch documents and letters, which may have been destroyed by Watt\'s relatives in order to maintain his advantage.
All of this is unnecessary, because from the moment Watt invented the independent condenser, his primary position was secured.
Even taking into account all this confusion, the effect of gas lighting on the 19 th
Life in the century is so great that the third person should be Murdoch\'s first important biography, which is surprising.
At this point, we stumbled upon another mystery-Griffiths is known for his novels and books about Afghanistan, so how did he come to write a book about Murdoch?
Is his choice determined by Murdoch\'s use of gas lighting at his home in Redruth in 1992?
What is the role of British Gas? Who is looking?
This book is very well written, although it is very long --winded.
For example, the ongas lighting chapter does not appear until page 238.
Background Studies are exemplary, and Griffiths absorbs his brief content, although his lack of knowledge of the technology involved is a disadvantage.
Earlier comparisons between gas and electric lighting should be the case. . .
Well, it\'s very enlightening.
There are a lot of great names on the stage: James Boswell, Humphrey David, Joseph Black, Mark imbard Brunel, Rudolf Raspe, Erasmus
In the 1808 s when David invented the electric light, Murdoch was awarded the Earl\'s medal of Lumford of the Royal Society for the development of his gas lighting.
Strangely, the paper documenting these achievements was written by James Watt Jr. and submitted by Joseph Banks.
Murdoch has never appeared before the Royal Society, nor before the Lunar Society, possibly due to his low social status-another cross she had to bear.
This is a good story, though.
I would like to express my heartfelt congratulation to all those who participated in this publishing enterprise.
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