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rent of c c mehta auditorium hiked | vadodara news - times of india

by:Marslite     2019-10-21
VADODARA: hosting social, cultural and community projects in the C. Mehta Professor auditorium on M University campus has now become an expensive thing.
The syndicate members of the university have approved a proposal to increase the rental of the auditorium by 5% in conjunction with the applicable GST.
The auditorium coordinator made this proposal on the grounds that it had recently been renovated and purchased new stage lighting equipment for it.
So far, in addition to the technical service fee, other fees and GST, the university has charged a rent of RS 782 per class, including RS 773.
Technical Services and other costs will not increase.
There are 578 seats in the auditorium, with an average of 350 to 375 shows a year.
One syndicate member told TOI that \"we also asked the coordinator to come up with ways to increase the utilization of the auditorium,\" he added, adding that the rent had been revised after several years of gap.
C. Mehta auditorium is the only large auditorium on the university campus.
Scale programmes can be held.
Private institutions, organizations, banks and trade institutions hire halls to attend meetings, seminars, debates, dance, drama and social and religious programming.
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