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renovated wankhede all set for world cup

by:Marslite     2019-09-27
Mumbai: evict demons and speculation.
Send past the holiday troubles.
Mumbai\'s wanhurd stadium is ready for the big stage and will host the World Cup including the final.
Stadium, 71-
Yard border circle, player Gallery, VIP and media box, company stand, East-West stand-
Filled with barrels, floodlights-
Almost everything is ready.
Only the last finishing touches are left to the country. of-the-
Art infrastructure
TOI has specially experienced the first appearance of this carefully renovated stadium, which has left a deep impression.
For cricket fans, the feeling will not make any difference.
Mumbai Cricket AssociationMCA)
Vice President Dilip Vengsarkar attended the first speech
On-site demonstrations of the site and facilities, thanks to the residents of Ocean Avenue and the patience of the people around the wan Hurd Stadium.
\"Please mention this,\" he stressed . \"
\"They are very helpful and adapted to the noise and dust that often occur during these months of work.
\"Despite showing patience, MCA and day-to-day workers have worked hard to achieve this goal, and wankhede is now on the verge of making history ready to host the first ever World Cup final.
\"The stadium has been retained.
The rest of the work needs to be finished.
The appearance of the stadium has been designed, and the new stadium provides a more open and airy atmosphere, \"said Wengar, pointing to the East Stand and the West Stand, a little lower in order to strengthen ventilation.
Although the seating capacity is reduced by about 6000, this undoubtedly guarantees a better viewing experience.
The Floodlight is also in test mode and, five days later, the person in charge of the renovation will hand over the stadium to the MCA, Vengsarkar said.
The ICC inspection team visited vanhed in early December and spoke to umpires about rooms, medical and counter
Box for the doping room and the narrator
The premises will be modified, as suggested by the International Chamber of Commerce.
Cricket Brotherhood around the world, especially the media from Australia and the UK, has been picking the International Criminal Court on an ongoing basis to see if vanhed will be ready in a timely manner.
In fact, certain sections continue to ask if the stadium will be completed within the prescribed deadline, or if it will encounter the same fate as some Commonwealth Games venues.
In fact, MCA has asked the International Chamber of Commerce to postpone the deadline
Earlier in January 15to January 24.
The association also plans to hold some practice competitions and, if possible, domestic competitions.
Test the daytime game of wicket bounce and outfield behavior.
\"The stadium has been retained, which is the classic Wankhede wicket prepared under the guidance of Sudhir Naik (
Former Mumbai captain, currently in charge of ground and wickets).
\"No matter what small work is left, it will be done in a week,\" Van gesalkar said . \".
Notable features Capacity: Approximately 33,000 seats and lighting: barrel seats on all stands and four scheduled floodlight WC games: Canada vs New Zealand (March 13)
New Zealand vs Sri Lanka (March 18)
The final of April 2.
Facilities: Cafeteria and utility stalls near all enclosure: original 22-
The yard area was retained and only the outfield was redone.
International Chamber of Commerce deadline: What else is January 24?
Outfield finishing, electrical work in VIP and company housing, and several practice competitions to test the bounce of the venue.
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