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by:Marslite     2019-12-28
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Linton Zhou: Hello.
Welcome to the show.
Cliff, take it away.
Linton Zhou: What is the garden? com?
Goldfish Ji Shapu on the cliff: Garden. com is a one-
One-stop service for gardening information, products and services-
We exist too much on the World Wide Web.
Don Zhou: you have the real
Living Garden store in Austin, Texas, or are you just a networkbased business?
Cliff Sharples: Actually, we don\'t have a physical garden store, although we have a few people coming to our office every day to buy plants!
Linton Zhou: What are the positive aspects of running a gardening business on the Internet?
Is there any negative aspect besides we can\'t smell the smell of the flowers we are buying?
Cliff shares: Two key points for our customers are convenience, access to customized information and inspiring content at the point of sale.
Gardeners can come to the garden.
Com, enter his or her zip code, several features of their yard, preferences, and get a custom factory list that can be sold.
In addition, they can choose a specific theme, such as water gardening, read soem articles about the topic, and be able to get any inspiration, photos and kits for sale by having all the plants.
Of course, the ability to touch and smell plants and flowers is non-replicable online, and we believe the gardener will still find a trip to the local nursery on weekends, which is a fun experience!
You list your suppliers.
Are you just a communication center, a middleman between the client and the other gardens?
Interested companies?
In fact, we think we are retailers.
Our warehouse or shop is a virtual network of garden-picked planting sites and professional manufacturers.
Com\'s editors and merchants are first-class.
Some of our suppliers include Mileager\'s Garden (perennials)
Antique Rose Mall (Antique Roses), Papa Geno (herbs)
Gardener Supply Company (
Seed start and compost products)
Waterford Gardens (
Water garden plants and fish).
We have over 70 supply partners to deliver for the garden.
At this stage.
Virginia: When is the best time to grow a vegetable garden?
Is this important if you use seeds or start plants?
It depends entirely on where you are.
It\'s definitely time to plant a vegetable garden in many parts of the country.
Maybe it\'s a bit late for the seeds to start harvesting.
My favorite thing when you jump in the growing season is the seedlings, and we found some really great breed of Chuan heir.
Washington, DC: Will your company shut down the local garden shops?
I don\'t think so.
In fact, one of our goals is to make novice and novice gardeners more successful in their gardening work and get some early wins
In this way, they will become more and more interested in their hobbies and become gardeners for a lifetime.
So as to expand the market opportunities for everyone in the industry.
Each retail channel has its own unique value proposition.
Whether it\'s physical retail, Web, or directory.
Bethesda: What if I order a plant from you and it dies?
We have a year-110% guarantee.
So, if you are unhappy for any reason, we will either replace the factory, refund it in full with a credit card or give you 110% credit in the garden. com -your choice! Rockville, Md.
: I have a small piece of land that used to have juni grass and herbs growing in it and I want to use it as a garden.
Unfortunately, there is a lot of gravel in the soil on the old driveway.
We add a lot of surface soil and compost, where the Earth is rich and black;
Do you think it can maintain vegetables or gardens?
Cliff Sharples: I will have to default to a gardening expert as I am not sure.
Our garden is very tidy.
Com call the garden doctor where you can ask any garden or gardening questions and one of our master Gardner will answer your questions. . . for free!
It\'s in the community area on site.
Rockville, Maryland: I\'m looking for a relatively cheap but attractive Bush to grow on the edge of my home to replace the numerous straggley azaleas.
Any suggestions?
Cliff Sharples: I like a neat row of boxwood hedges but can get more detailed consultation from the garden.
Com\'s landscape expert asked a question to our garden doctor in the garden community. com.
Santa Barbara, California: I searched your site the other day for typical plants in the Mediterranean region but didn\'t see this category.
Can you recommend some plants that can work well in my area and provide the \"look\" of the Mediterranean?
Goldfish Ji Shapp on the cliff: Suggestions for double-door coupe --
Use the Plant Finder utility on the garden.
Com, and specify dry soil conditions and any color preferences on the leaves.
Barry Landry, one of our landscape design experts, also has great advice. He\'s on e-
Barry @ garden\'s mail
Va comarlington: how much capital and effort it takes to get your site to land.
Did it start as a profit motive or as a source of information.
Is the website profitable today?
We raised $28 million for the garden.
Com so far in the past 3. 5 years.
We must have-
Profit retailers for gardening products, although the same as many Internet startups
We have a long way to go.
Before making a profit, the scope of significant investment in concepts and brands. Hello-
Ask the same person who started growing the vegetable garden.
I live in Northern Virginia.
After Mother\'s Day last year, I planted my garden-in early May.
I think maybe it\'s a little early to grow vegetables. like tomatoes.
Cliff shark: well.
Although it depends a bit on the weather, it may be a bit early.
I think it\'s time to ask our garden doctor.
This problem, or call our customer solution hotline 1-800-466-
8142 Austin: Do you have the idea of a garden?
Because you\'re an avid gardener?
Or is it because it occupies an obvious position in the digital market?
If you start making a garden
Since it has a niche, what other ideas do you have for niche sites? Balloons. com? Lollipops. com?
Cliff Sharples: We do look at this idea from the perspective of the Internet/technology, not from the perspective of gardening. Three of co-
This company was founded, including my wife.
We were all newbies before we started the company, and that\'s where the idea came from, although we did have a big white brd full of different ideas.
Stafford, Virginia: I want to plant a strong, flowering plant in my front yard.
My front yard is bare and close to the street.
I want to plant something easy to maintainyet pretty.
There is morning sunshine in my yard.
Any suggestions?
Cliff Sharples: my expert told me that the combination of this plant would be good --
Depending on the size of the light, it is possible to try ludberia, cone, liatris, and verbena.
This group of plants adds extra rewards for butterflies! Washington, D. C. : Hello.
The house I bought a few years ago had a rose bed in the backyard.
I want to make it a half.
Because it is in the shade of a big maple tree and the rose is not doing well there, it is a kind of bed with a thick root.
Do you have any suggestions for SUGEN plants and shrubs?
In order to increase the height, but also to disguise the air conditioning equipment
ThanksCliff shares: For evergreen background, try yews (taxus)
Good in the shade.
Also consider boxwoods and hollies.
Some of the best Yin plants include hostas, astilbe, various ferns and dicentra (bleeding heart).
You can also find some good articles about shade gardening in the garden.
Magazine area of Com!
Linton Wicks: Well, we\'re more than half done.
By the way of an hour.
Continue to show the question to the cliff and he will continue to dig the answer.
Washington, DC: Does your company also send the catalog via snail mail?
The goldfish on the cliff, Ji Shapu: We can\'t create a catalogue --
Even though we just launched a National Journal of gardening called Garden escape. It\'s a 128-
Page Magazine has two unique components: almost every photo, plant introduction or product we show is sold in the garden. com site.
And, each page is mirrored on the Web so you can link to additional information and online utilities about a specific topic.
You can buy it in the garden.
Com or in home warehouses, Lowes Home Improvement Centers and selected nurseries and bookstores across the country.
Washington: I\'m curious.
Why gardening?
Cliff sharp falls: Because gardening is a huge era in the United States!
More than 70 million families participated in some form of gardening.
This is an information-intensive hobby and customization becomes very important.
Networks and Information Systems deliver this information well in the form you want as a consumer.
Washington, DC: What is the history of American gardening?
This is an interesting question. . .
It certainly dates back to the beginning of the country, and now Gallop says it is one of the country\'s most popular past.
Since I am a bad typist, I will default to the many books you find in the garden about this topic.
Com\'s library! !
Linton Zhou: How\'s the business going?
You have a phone bank that\'s been answering the phone all the time, but isn\'t there some very slow months?
Goldfish Ji Shapu on the cliff: Business is booming!
Gardening is seasonal, but there are many seasons in gardening.
It is true that summer is the time for us to live slowly, but by August people began to use autumn bulbs, followed by holiday decorations and Christmas presents.
Damascus, Md: My neighbor has a pet monkey that keeps stealing pears from my dwarf fruit tree.
Is there a way to keep this poor little beast in the bay without hurting him?
Chicken is too unattractive.
Linton Zhou: it reminds me of another question, Cliff: What can Washington do with the beaver who is gnawing at the cherry tree?
Cliff Sharples: Well, I think you need to get physical protection from the primes --
Maybe there are some more attractive fencing than chicken shreds.
There are also bags that you can put around pears in the orchard to prevent bugs --it may work ? ?
The whole tree can also be used to control pests.
What about a dog if everything fails? ? ?
As for the cherry tree, on the trunk, and on the bottom, it will hurt the roots of the cave animals if you bury the shredded chicken. . .
Earth is an ocean. mined product (from the sea)
This is a stimulus for digging animals.
Bethesda, Maryland: What do you think about these rollsout, no-mess gardens?
Do they really work?
Overall, I\'m not a huge fan. We haven;
T had good luck in the successful germination including all the seeds in Matt.
They did it too fast!
Linton Zhou: What is the most popular item you sell?
Cliff shares: It depends on the time of year, but one of our best products is animal Crappers-
Fertilizer produced in the zoodoo (an animal by-product)
Shaped in the form of animal biscuits! !
Linton Zhou: What is the most peculiar thing you sell?
Cliff Sharples: We have just added rare, precious orchids from great plant companies.
In addition, the trumpet and Ginger of the Angel are full of exotic and colors.
Linton Zhou: has anyone planted any more carrots?
Cliff sharks: Our experts say they are really growing with radishes and beets in a cold climate.
Linton Zhou: What is the most expensive item you sell?
Cliff Sharples: a $8,000 green house is delivered to your doorstep!
Santa Barbara, California: What is your business background? Do you plan to let the company go public?
Or open trading now-?
What is the business experience of your other company executives?
Cliff Sharples: My background is technology marketing, startup experience and information systems.
We have a great management team of marketers, supply chain experts, technicians, gardening supervisors and publishing experience.
We are not a public company.
Washington, DC: does anyone really have a green thumb, Cliff?
Is there some kind of scientific research on this possibility?
Cliff Sharples: I got the right information and encouragement and everyone has a green thumb!
Linton Zhou: who uses the garden? com?
All kinds of people. Of the 1.
We receive 5 million visitors a month, from expert gardeners, beginners and everyone in.
70% of our customers are women.
VA Alexander: A cushion about the seeds. . .
I just \"drop\" some butterflies and hummingbird seeds from a bag with a mix of green-looking shredded paper.
State to water thoroughly \"twice a day\" until the seeds germinate.
I hope this kind of care can prevent drying of this or the app launched.
Cliff shares: I think the key is to water.
Who are your competitors?
Cliff Sharples: everything from a local nursery to a gardening catalog company with a website.
Linton Zhou: This brings us to the end of another episode of Voyager. -Live.
Next week, my guest will be Declan McCullagh, lead correspondent for Wired News in Washington.
Declan lives and works in Washington DC.
He knows a lot about different things, including the interweaving of politics and the digital world, and the 2000 puzzle.
He wrote about the entry of Y2K into the Microsoft Encarta encyclopedia and a responsible awareness of his website called Y2K culture. Until then. . .
PS: Thank you.
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