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regina little theatre sets the stage for madness

by:Marslite     2019-09-20
The most terrible stories make you question the reliability of your perception, and often the monsters you can\'t see are the most terrible.
The Regina Theatre hopes to shake the audience with rotating screws at the Regina Performing Arts Center from October 4-7.
Director Amanda schnstead says the show is a \"classic thriller\" adapted from Henry James\'s late Victorian horror novel by Jack lining \".
In summing up the plot, she said, \"a tutor was hired to look after two young children whose uncles did not want to have anything to do with them.
While everything started well, when the governess saw the ghosts in the house and windows, she began to think something was wrong.
They seem to be the ones who took care of their children in the past.
At this point in the story, the female governess, played by Janaya Hanley, began questioning her sanity.
Meanwhile, Wyatt Armstrong and Jill Marie Scott badgers play children Miles and Flora who deny any knowledge of ghosts.
A housekeeper, wife. Grose (Lana De Lint)
Is the only one who feels \"weird.
The director went on to say that the outstanding performances of the young Armstrong and badgers captured the \"unnatural connection\" needed to screw the screws \".
Hanley, a new member of the company, cleverly interprets the confusion of homeroom teachers.
\"She blew me away during the audition,\" Schenstead added . \".
Fans of the original novella know that the most terrible thing is whether there is really a ghost or whether the female tutor is losing the uncertainty of reason.
Schenstead said they showed the creepy quality on stage through the clever lights, sounds and \"explain the movement\" taught by Professor Kaitlyn Semple to the actors.
\"All these elements are combined together and we can tell this strange story,\" Schenstead said . \".
The company is equipped with a British accent and perfected under the guidance of Jean Taylor, hoping to bring the audience back in time.
But there is a turning point in production --
Sheenstead said, \"We also added some steampunk elements to the Phantom costume.
Sandra Preikschat\'s costume design and some contributions from the cast, the \"goggles and gears\" steampunk look adds to the weird mechanical aesthetic.
Complete the horror setting, designer Dorsett and monastery Alicia-
Taylor Webb put on various rooms to simulate the 19 th. century manor.
When asked about her favorite scene, Schenstead said, \"There are a lot of strange things going on with the lights, sounds and actions in the second last scene.
Something explanatory and symbolic happened on the object, but that\'s all I have to say!
She said it was \"fun to screw but challenging for the director . \"
\"You have to keep the suspense going to the climax throughout the show.
It\'s hard to do, but I think it will be an engaging piece.
\"Tickets to the little theater of Regina turn screws can be purchased at the box office of Regina performing arts center by calling 306-779-
2277 or through the Internet.
$23 adult tickets (
Plus taxes)
$21 for seniors, students and young people.
• Small theater in REGINA • 7: 30m. , Oct. 4 —
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