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red means stop, and anger, in vibrant thai protest

by:Marslite     2019-09-13
BANGKOK (Reuters)-
Zero land of sixweek anti-
Government protests in the Thai capital are a stage set up in the middle of a crossroads in the business district.
A red arrow flashing traffic light stood in the middle of the crowd, and the protesters politely listened to the fierce rhetoric of the \"red shirt\" leader in the heat of the summer, demanding that the parliament be dissolved in order to hold elections immediately.
The lights are not there to stop the traffic.
The red representative blocked an unelected government.
The crowd of about 15,000 people stretched out around the intersection of the labia Pason, many dozing off under the canopy, with sharpened bamboo poles next to it in case things get ugly again.
Translated as \"the desire of the King \".
But the 82-year-old illness is doubtful. year-
The old king was pleased with the polarization of his kingdom, between the \"Red Shirt Army\", which mainly represents the rural masses, and the \"yellow shirt Army\", which held its own paralyzing protest in Bangkok two years ago, now support Prime Minister Abhisit vejajie
Kwanchai Sarakam, 57, a radio presenter from Udon Thani in northeast China, is one of the people responsible for taking care of people at the rally site.
He has brought about 10,000 supporters to Bangkok and rotated them in and out on a team of buses every few days.
The police should stop them at the checkpoint in the capital, but they are half done.
The leaders of the Red Shirts said they were very enthusiastic about the task.
Buses bring supplies such as glutinous rice and papaya, which are staples in the northeast.
About 1-2 million baht ($31,000-$62,000)
Organizers say it\'s a day to take care of the crowd, but they deny that their de facto leader, former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, is paying for the bill.
They say the telecom billionaire, who was ousted in the 2006 coup, only offered moral support.
A graphic: link. reuters.
Com/rap67j people laugh and shout at the speakers.
Vendors sell food and drinks, red clothing and Eagle carnival games.
Use the sling to try and beat a jar with a real face on it with your hand.
The prize is a pillow with the words \"dissolution of parliament now.
\"Red represents vitality,\" said Kuan Chai, wearing a gorgeous red shirt.
\"It means stop.
\"More than 2 km food and clothing stalls and portable toilets (1. 2 miles)
Along the rachadamri Road, a terrible roadblock to the entrance to the bank and Office business district consisting of tires, bamboo bars and large pieces of concrete.
On the top of the red shirt Street, the soldiers abused and set off firecrackers to disturb, and many armed and loaded M.
16 assault rifles and shotguns are just a stone\'s throw.
Red also represents anger and rebellion.
Kwanchai often referred to the top three leaders of the protest as \"three puppets \". He’s joking —
This is the name the government gave them.
But he became serious when the topic turned to the army that might be trying to disperse them.
After the red shirts raided their former location in the old city of the capital on the evening of April 10, they moved their main rally location to the lagapasong.
Guns and grenades were fired, killing at least 25 people and injuring more than 800 others.
\"There is a greater chance of a bloody crackdown now,\" Kwanchai said . \".
\"There may be a lot of people killed.
That\'s why six people have been deployed (
To the protest scene).
International spokesman for the red shirt, Sean Bowen Platon, told Reuters that members of the Army were in their campaign.
They are called watermelon\"
Green outside, red in the middle
They include dark, black.
In the April 10 crackdown, men wearing military uniforms were seen.
\"They are secret forces in the army that do not agree with what is going on.
Without them, there will be a lot more deaths and injuries to people wearing black clothes, \"he said.
He also said red.
It was once discussed whether there should be a shirt movement with armed wings.
\"It was shot down.
We just talked.
This will be
It is productive to have a military department.
We are not xinfen.
Nattawut Saikuar, one of the \"three puppets\" who led the campaign, said the possibility of another crackdown was rising, but he wanted to call the army a bluff.
\"They can order the crackdown, but will it happen?
He told Reuters.
\"I\'m sending a signal (
Stay on site and reinforce it)
I want to see their cards, \"said Nattawut.
\"You can\'t give orders because the soldiers don\'t listen,\" he said . \" He cited last Friday\'s failed attempt to arrest the red shirt leader.
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