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rare marilyn monroe photos show icon as you\'ve never seen her before (photos)

by:Marslite     2019-09-08
There are more books about Marilyn Monroe than any woman in history.
Of course American Idol.
She belongs to the world now.
In particular, her private life has been explored from a variety of possible perspectives.
The book I put together tries to avoid this by celebrating public Marilyn.
It records the ever-changing beauty and style of her 20 years of life from 1942 to 1962.
It is not easy to do this.
Editing her 320-page photography is a daunting task.
Marilyn photographed almost every major photographer in the world.
Not only that, she said \"no\" to almost anyone \".
So if you\'re on the street with a Brownie box camera and you politely ask for a picture of her, it\'s likely that she\'ll say \"yes\" and she\'ll be guided --
Photos of \"new\" are constantly emerging.
I also felt a lot of responsibility when I edited a lot.
I want to provide a wide variety of featured choices while trying to remember what Marilyn might want, as she is very picky about herself.
Marilyn Monroe is unique as a photographer for two reasons:
Visual transformation (
Her transformation
And projection inside (her charisma).
Of course, she is a very beautiful woman, but she is not the traditional beauty you call it.
She has no long neck, no perfect symmetry, and no particularly strong bone structure.
Her beauty is more subtle, but the way she shows it --
Especially in a picture on the screen or still
Absolutely dynamic.
Her features and lines of her face are almost translated like comics in the movie.
They are very clear and easy to handle for the audience and therefore make indelible vision.
She is also very smart and able to change the look in the photo with different makeup, just like the artist drawing cloth.
Some photographers said that when they first met her, they were under a bad impression, but as soon as she got to the camera, there was an unexplained change.
Eve Arnold remembers that she is the only one to shoot a 10 pounds lighter, which violates every rule of photography.
Some of her strongest photos were taken by anonymous news photographers.
Right here, on a street.
In the absence of studio props or stage lights, you will really get to know how wonderful she is reading in the movie.
Her image exploded.
She is perfect.
She made every picture into a work of art.
Nearly half a century after Marilyn\'s death, the reason we are still fascinated by her is because of her film and the thousands of wonderful photos she left behind.
From countless posters, calendars, coffee cups and mouse pads, her porcelain face looks back at us and we are comforted by this nostalgia.
In addition, her life is inspiring for many people.
I certainly don\'t think it\'s fair for her to be seen as a tragic figure.
She started out with less than most people, had a dream, and then worked very hard to make it happen --
She did.
Only this is admirable.
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