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rapper watsky sorry for \'stupid\' gig rig jump

by:Marslite     2019-10-20
A rapper who jumped off the lighting and injured two people apologized for his \"stupid and crazy irresponsible\" performance.
George Bucky climbed the rope ladder and at Alexandra Palace in north London, he jumped into the crowd during a performance of a van Twist tour.
A 30-foot fall broke a girl\'s arm and left another fan in the hospital, although Watskyhimself left only \"gaps, bruises and endangering the crowd when he escaped himself
The musician said in a lengthy apology: \"The jump is not terrible, it is not a bad guy, nor is it ballsy.
\"It will be a great day for those injured.
\"It\'s stupid, very irresponsible, simple and clear.
\"Watsky jumping videos have been watched more than 180,000 times on YouTube.
Some users call the stunt \"very stupid\", \"stupid\" and \"absolutely stupid\", although many of his 200,000 followers on Facebook have expressed support for the star after apologizing.
Watsky admits that \"very lucky\" and no one is more seriously injured, writing: \"It\'s one thing to put your body on the line, but it\'s unforgivable to have someone else hurt.
He said he would not cancel any of his upcoming tour dates, but insisted he was \"not going to jump anything \".
\"I am very sorry and I promise to learn from this mistake,\" he added . \".
Watsky said that when the injured person was seen by the doctor, he waited at the hospital for six hours and planned to return to the ward to apologize to him.
The artist, who is from San Francisco but now lives in Los Angeles, calls himself a \"versatile lyricist, switching between stupidity and seriousness, technical sophistication and simplicity and heartfelt heart-to-heart \". His self-
In 2010, the iTunes chart, titled hip hop track Watsky, ranked seventh in the expert rankings.
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