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‘racists belong in jail.’ eff goes after martinengo for monkey comment

by:Marslite     2019-10-13
The Economic Freedom Fighters welcomed the decision of the radio station Hot 91 today.
FM fired breakfast show host Sasha martinnego but said he wanted to take more action against him.
Martino said on Tuesday that party leader Juli julius Malema was a monkey.
During the performance, he said: \"People are still listening to the monkey.
Party spokesman Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said: \"EFF Welcomes dismissal after his racist remarks.
Unlike many who accept racist apologies, the station refuses to stop there and goes further by firing the racist.
He added that it was clear that radio stations acted decisively out of fear of the Malema party, but he said it was not enough.
\"We are going to file criminal proceedings against him through our branch because the racist belongs to the prison,\" Ndlozi said . \".
On September 2016, real estate agent Penny Sparrow was fined R5000 by the court of skotzberg after admitting the crime charge.
The fine is the result of a plea deal agreement.
In January, she was sentenced to two years in prison for posting racist posts on Facebook, suspended for five years, in which she used the word monkey like Martinengo.
\"I admit that comparing black people to monkeys in my Facebook post earlier this year is damaging the dignity of Africans.
\"Please accept my heartfelt apology,\" Sparrow said in an apology . \".
Earlier this year, Vicki Momberg, a former real estate agent, was sentenced to three years in prison, one of which was suspended.
Momberg was convicted of four criminal charges after she slammed a black police officer who had been helping her after an alleged beating --and-
Grab incident in North Ridge, JohannesburgShe used the k-word 48 times.
At the time, the Kathrada Foundation said it believed that the verdict against Monberg would serve as a deterrent to other racists.
However, we have recently encountered the case of Adam Catzavelos, whose K-
The roar from Greek beaches lasted two days on Twitter.
He was expelled from a family business and his children\'s school banned him from school.
Businessman Kessie Nair watched a Facebook video in court this week in which he called President Cyrill Ramaphosa K-word.
His family thought he was mentally unstable.
But hate speech has also led politicians to blame.
On 2011, Malema himself was convicted of hate speech in the Equality Court for singing \"shooting the pols.
The court ordered him to stop singing the song and pay part of the legal costs of the lobby group AfriForum, which brought him to court.
Ndlozi today called on the Court to severely treat those who continue to undermine the human nature and dignity of black people.
In a press statement, television station general manager Lloyd madoulai said that the comments \"violated the code of conduct at the station and the commitment to the democratic values of our country \", it is considered \"extremely serious \". Hot 91.
FM also apologized to Malema, expressing its deep regret for any \"adverse inference\" that could arise from the host\'s actions.
\"The station is fully committed to treating all members of our community equally, regardless of their political, ideological, religious or social views, and advocating tolerance, equality and the constitutional rights of all, said madulai.
Martino later tweeted that he insisted on what he said.
However, he apologized to those who were \"offended\" by his comments.
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