quick takes: apparent suicide at northern california concert

by:Marslite     2019-09-25
A man jumps from the roof to the stage at a high season concert in Saratoga, California.
According to news reports and witnesses, it was apparently a suicide on Thursday night.
Glen hansade has just finished a song and is chatting with the band\'s guitarist when an unidentified concert --
According to the Sgt of Santa Clara County sheriff, goer jumped off the roof of the Saratoga Hills winery west of San Jose, leaving friends who came with him. Rick Sung.
The man jumped down near the light desk and landed on the stage a few feet from Glen hansade, and he briefly walked over, eventually vacate the stage with former sweetheart Marca ilglove and the rest of the band.
Known for the romantic interactions Hansard and Irglová captured in the 2006 film \"Once\", the season of expansion issued a statement on Friday saying, \"They expressed their sympathy to the victim, his friends and family. \"—
The federal judge dismissed a million-figure-
A concert promoter filed a US dollar lawsuit against the late Michael Jackson for a failed party concert. U. S.
District Judge Harold Bell Jr.
On Thursday, lawyers approved a motion for Jackson\'s estate to dismiss the case.
Good Entertainment Company
In June 10, 2009, Jackson was charged two weeks before his death in Los Angeles at age 50.
They claim Jackson and his son
Manager Frank Diario broke the contract for the Jackson party show.
Counsel for Jackson\'s estate and Dillo said that if there was a breach of contract in the contract, Allgood first violated the agreement. —
Justice Nashville heda Nashville rejected the offer of Fisk University to sell a 101 stake --
The late artist Georgia O\'Keefe donated the collection to the Arkansas museum.
Fisk believes its precarious financial situation has prevented the historic black universities from maintaining and displaying the collection.
Judge Alan Hobbs Laer agreed to cash on Friday.
The Strapped school was unable to display the collection, but she said she proposed to sell a 50% stake to the Crystal Bridge Museum in Ark Bentonville.
$30 million does not comply with the terms of O\'Keefe\'s donation to the school in 1949.
Laer ordered the state attorney general to provide \"Nashville-
\"Solution-based\" within 20 days \".
Located in okefu Museum, Georgia, Santa Fe. , N. M.
Last year, the prosecution failed to control Fisk\'s collection. —
A California clothing company has filed a lawsuit over her teen New \"substance girl\" fashion series, saying it has been using the name since 1997. L. A.
Triumph filed a lawsuit against the pop star in California\'s Central District Court on Thursday, two weeks after the Madonna collection was sold at Macy\'s.
The company said in its suit, \"since at least 1997, it has been selling similar clothes in similar retail stores under their Material Girl brand at similar prices, madonna and her new company have no right to trade in the same space under the brand.
Madonna works with her 13 people. year-
Old daughter lourde design 1980 s-
Inspired costume collection draws on pop star punk style
When she became famous in the 1980 s, the girl\'s style.
Macy\'s declined to comment on Friday.
Madonna\'s spokeswoman could not be reached. —
Some moms use a Hallmark card, but Courtney Love spoke to her estranged daughter\'s 18 th birthday via Twitter this week in a series of painful and painful tweets.
Love begins her time
Urging Frances Beane Cobain to flee the tribunal\'s long-standing request
Appointed Wendy, the mother of her late father Kurt Cobain, and Kimberly, her sister, as guardians.
Love wrote in many tweets: \"I pray that you will be angry with them and don\'t run to them . \" He added that her late husband despised his mother.
\"I love you, but no guardianship is allowed to continue now at your age of 18!
They will lie to you and tell you that you have. no it doesnt! \"—
CNNFinallyNo last call: NBC updated \"Last Call with Carson Daley\" for 10 seasons \".
Cast change: when Real Housewives in Atlanta start Season 3 in October, Lisa Wu Hartville won\'t be part of the cast.
But she will have two new women, according to Bravo: model Cynthia Bailey and entertainment lawyer Felipe parks.
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