questions linger after indiana stage collapse

by:Marslite     2019-09-27
The Indiana State Fair reopened after a deadly concert stage collapsed, and questions were raised about the safety of the building, why fans were not evacuated when the storm struck, and whether any measures can be taken to prevent tragedies.
State fair officials did not say whether the stage and rigging were checked before Saturday\'s show.
Fair spokesman Andy clotz initially said the state fire chief\'s office was in charge of the inspection, but he backtracked on Monday, saying he was not sure who it was working.
At the time of Saturday night\'s accident, gusts estimated to be 60 to 70 miles per hour overturned the roof and metal scaffolding supported lights and other equipment.
The stage collapsed in a group of concerts.
Audience waiting for the country group Sugarland show.
Popular live news: Mark 2020, a MacBook discussing conditions at the detention center of the border Assistance Act, remembers a spokesman for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security saying that both firefighters and Department of Homeland Security officials conducted inspections.
The city has no authority to check items on state property.
\"We do have our own requirements for temporary buildings within the city, and we also have our own licensing requirements,\" said Kate Johnson, a spokesman for the Code Enforcement Department in Indiana.
\"But in this case we don\'t have that power because it\'s national --owned property.
\"In honor of the victims of the collapse, the fair reopened on Monday.
The fair also canceled two of them.
The charged concert, scheduled for the same stage, Janet Jackson\'s performance on Wednesday and the pre-war Lady\'s performance on Friday.
Experts say that at the time of their investigation, inspectors from the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Authority will look at the weather and any potential structural or design defects at that stage.
Another emerging issue is whether the show organizers responded quickly enough to the upcoming storm, especially since another concert nearby was canceled due to the weather.
On Saturday, just 15 miles north of the fisherman\'s suburb, about 6,700 people attending the Indiana Symphony Orchestra were evacuated from the Conor Prairie Amphitheater.
Tom Ramsey, vice president and general manager of the orchestra, said that the orchestra reviewed the information of a private weather company and consulted the National Weather Service with the goal of being under threat from bad weather, get customers to their vehicle in at least 30 minutes.
\"We saw a storm with lightning.
\"Once we saw this, I decided to stop the concert and send everyone to their car,\" he said . \".
In the playground, concert-
Viewers and other witnesses said an announcer warned them of the coming bad weather but did not warn them to clear the area.
Fair executive director Cindy Hoy and director of Indiana State Police, Fair tz said
Brad Weaver decided to evacuate the stands within two or three minutes after the bad weather was announced, and when the stands collapsed they were heading to the stage to order evacuation.
\"We decided to force the evacuation, but we never had access to the microphone,\" Klotz said . \".
Klotz said that Hoye was nearly trapped in the collapse and believed that Weaver had saved her life.
Helen Lawrence, tour manager at Sugarland, decided to hold a band backstage.
Manager Gail Gelman said others thought it was safe to come on stage, but Lawrence eventually acted intuitively.
Expo officials say every year at the beginning of the fair, the collapsed stage is set up to provide performers with a framework where they can add their own lights or other functions.
The roof can be raised or lowered under the Act.
Saturday\'s accident was at least the fourth phase since the beginning of July.
Earlier this month, at a music festival in orklatar, the wind blew through a light station.
Lightning overturned a stage near Quebec City.
In July, at a music festival in Ottawa, Canada, a summer wind overturned a stage.
Three people were hospitalized.
On 2009, another Canadian storm hit a stage in Camrose, Alberta, killing one person and injuring about 75.
Just that summer, a stage of the comedy festival in Quebec failed.
The owner of the company that installed rigging in Indianapolis expressed sympathy for the victim\'s family.
The Associated Press left a telephone message seeking comments from a Mid spokesperson
American sound companyon Monday.
Industry standards do not elaborate on how concert organizers should react when unexpected bad weather uses temporary stage attacks for outdoor activities, but they do stipulate that safety plans should be developed.
\"You have to figure out, what would you do if some extreme weather events came up and exceeded your design purpose?
What is your operation plan?
How did you get people away?
How do you lower the roof?
\"Karl Ruling, technical standards manager at PLASA, said that PLASA is an enterprise professional trade association that installs equipment for entertainment venues.
\"Obviously, that\'s not what they planned,\" he said . \"
\"But I don\'t know what\'s wrong in the end.
\"Most of the building standards used in the entertainment industry require the development of weather --
Manage the plan and develop guidelines for whether the sections of the stage can be split or broken down.
The ruling said he preferred the industry to adopt the PLASA standard and enforce it on its own, but said it would be acceptable if the states adopted the PLASA standard.
He said he opposed states to writing their own code, saying lawmakers could not do the job as well as business people.
Finding answers in Saturday\'s accident will almost certainly last for months.
The Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration has spent nearly five months investigating the death of Declan Sullivan, A student at the University of Notre Dame was killed when the hydraulic lift he used to shoot football practice was overturned by a gust of 53 miles an hour.
The Indiana State Fair Foundation said on Monday it had set up a state fair memorial fund to handle donations to victims of the collapse of the stage and their families. Gov.
Mickey Daniels said the tragedy broke the hearts of the state\'s residents.
\"Our first job is to go back to the industry of life, to the industry of state fairs, to the industry of mutual concern,\" he said . \".
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