queens of the stone age guitarist apologizes after he kicked a female photographer in the head during a show

by:Marslite     2019-09-09
One photographer claimed that the singer kicked her camera while taking pictures of the band\'s concert in southern California, and she apologized for that.
Photographer Chelsea Lauren said on Instagram that after she hit her face at the annual Christmas event on Saturday night radio, she sought treatment.
Videos posted on social media show Horm swinging his legs while playing guitar in forums near Los Angeles and hitting with a camera.
Thanks to \"joshhomme\" queensofthestoneage, I can now spend the night in the emergency room.
Seriously, who did that? ! ?
Lauren wrote on her Instagram page.
\"Josh came over and I was so excited that I never shot the Stone Age queen before and I was really looking forward to it.
\"When I saw him coming over, I shot . \"
Next, I know his feet are connected with my camera, my camera is connected with my face, very difficult.
He looked straight at me and swung his legs back hard --
Blow my face.
He went on performing and I got a fright and I kind of stopped looking at him and I just got down and kept covering my face because of the heavy injury.
Soon after, she returned to prison, but then went to the hospital for treatment, where she was encouraged to file charges and file police reports.
\"I feel that if I don\'t do anything, he will kick the face and not get stuck because he is a musician,\" Lauren said . \".
This is wrong.
Lauren took the following picture a few seconds before Homer kicked her.
Holm said on Twitter on Sunday that he was \"lost in the show\" and thought he was kicking lighting on stage.
He said it was unintentional and he wanted Lauren to accept his apology.
Lauren posted her update on Sunday afternoon: \"My neck is sore, my eyebrows are bruised and a little disgusting.
The doctor let me go early in the morning.
Josh looked at me, smiled and kicked me.
The other was that he cut his face with a knife.
I was in the pit with tears
He just stared at me with a smile.
For whatever reason, any form of attack is bad.
Alcohol and drugs are not excuses.
I was allowed there and I did not break any rules.
I just want to do my job well.
I don\'t think anyone is responsible for this except Josh himself.
Ironically, someone threw an ice cube onto a very smooth T-stand before the QOTSA match.
I\'m worried that one of the band members might slip and hurt themselves, so, when the lights go dark, I wipe the runway with my arm so that no one hurts myself.
So far, I have not been contacted by QOTSA.
The email seeking further comment from the representative of Ham did not respond immediately.
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