queens of the stone age’s josh homme apologizes for kicking photographer in face

by:Marslite     2019-10-08
The Queen of Stone Age rock singer Josh Homme admitted he was \"completely d--
K \"because he kicked a photographer\'s face at a concert in Los Angeles on Saturday night.
Holm tried to apologize to Chelsea Lauren last Sunday, the woman\'s faceto-
Face him in Boots at KROQ\'s Almost Christmas concert.
\"I have no excuse or reason to justify what I have done.
I\'m totally d--
K I\'m really sorry, I hope you\'re OK, \"said Holm on Instagram post on Sunday night.
\"I made a lot of mistakes in my life and last night was definitely one of them,\" he added . \".
Holm said in a previous apology that he was \"lost in the show\" while kicking lights and music equipment on stage \".
He didn\'t notice Lauren getting hurt after kicking her camera, which bounced back on her face.
The injured Photo told Variety magazine that she saw homer coming but was shooting in another direction.
\"Next, I know his feet are connected to my camera, and my camera is connected to my face, which is very difficult.
He looked straight at me and swung his legs back hard --
\"Blow my face,\" Lauren said . \".
Lauren shared the video of playing football on Instagram with the title attached.
\"Thanks to @ joshhomme @ queensofthestoneage, I can now spend the night in the emergency room.
Seriously, who did that? ! ? ” she wrote.
Before Homer passes Lauren, he can be seen crowding and walking on stage, pausing briefly, then stretching his legs directly into her camera, and then continuing his riff.
Lauren gave an update on Sunday afternoon explaining that she was discharged from hospital that morning due to neck pain, nausea and an eyebrow injury.
\"No matter what the reasoning is, any kind of attack is not good.
Alcohol and drugs are not excuses.
I was allowed there and I did not break any rules.
\"I just want to do my job well,\" she wrote . \".
\"I am not holding anyone accountable except Josh himself, KROQ has nothing to do with this and I will always support them.
Lauren even tried to keep the band safe before the concert began.
She wiped the melted ice cubes off the stage to make sure none of the performers slipped.
The photographer told Variety that she plans to submit a police report.
Ham\'s kick is just the beginning of a strange show.
Lauren said the singer also deliberately pulled out his knife, cut his forehead, let him drip blood for the rest of the performance, and called the audience \"mentally retarded \".
\"The cold war children, who got up against it, arrived on Mars in 30 seconds, and Muse also took the stage on Saturday night.
The singer has been charged for allegedly attacking a signature collector in Detroit.
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