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The two most famous festivals in Quebec, the Montreal International Jazz Festival and the tretecant International Blues Festival, reflect the spirit of Quebec.
It turns out that both festivals overlap in the early daysto-mid-July —
This is the ideal time to travel to Quebec and experience two amazing but very different festivals.
First, the Montreal Jazz Festival is held in a cool, vibrant city atmosphere.
Then, a 90-minute drive from Montreal, a treannant Blues Festival was held in an antique mountain village.
It is called the story of two festivals.
A good coincidence at the Jazz Festival is the third.
Circus Montreal Square-
Run at the same time.
As a result, not only set up a jazz festival stage in the center of Monterey, but also a wonderful circus performance at random locations.
When we went to the jazz festival, we stumbled upon the Cirque du Soleil.
Street style performanceDenis.
As smooth jazz played by a nearby jazz club echoed in the street, two young women took turns jumping on a separate ring hanging on the street.
They made the ring perfectly and made the audience wonder how they could achieve this gravity --
Challenge position without moving.
At the same time, the jazz festival is very big.
\"Avenue of Stars\", a close turning pointof-the-
Century Theater with balcony and low ceiling is the perfect place to watch the talented Emie R
Roussel Trio and a group of eclectic performers.
This is a delicate and dynamic performance. so-skilled.
After a delicious dinner at nearby Le Blumenthal, we walked to the main stage of the festival for the final show.
Closing Concert in the United StatesS. -
The drug war is spectacular.
Tens of thousands of people go from the main stage, the music is immersive, the stage lights are hypnotized.
This is a suitable way to end this festival, celebrating the diversity of its behavior and the overall strength that good music has.
Full of three days, we also found other dimensions of the city: La Grande meat goose de montr, giant Ferris wheel with enclosed gondola, a-180foot-
High summit and panoramic view of the city;
The emir Berlin museum, with an amazing collection of vintage audio equipment and RCA inventions;
Incredible downtown murals, some over six stories high;
Incredible collection of Bien sur restaurants, cafes and bakeries.
Then it came to the tretillant Mountain Resort, which was waiting for the Blues Festival to arrive.
From the very beginning, Mount Mont blant is clearly a true resort.
On the way in, its two golf courses Le géant and La Diable are arranged on both sides of the road.
Located in a beautiful little valley, this village features rolling ridges and vibrant green forest canopy, with a scenic Lac treankant ski trail in front (
Most popular winter event reminder)
Engraved on the hillside behind.
Although the activities of the resort are incredible
Including the golf course, the Scandinavian Avenue spa, the Lac trevetant cruise and the Mount Rumina experience-
We came to the Blues Festival.
Although its existence is as unique as the Jazz Festival --
Like its city peers penetrating Montreal, it dominates the village
The atmosphere is different.
In the evening, the monkey in Ottawa, Victor Winwright (
Piana from Savannah)
After Dawn Taylor Watson tore it up on the main stage and performed on quite a large stage
Polite audience
Treannant is a great place to enjoy blues music in a laid back setting
There are many amenities at the back of the hotel.
Although the two festivals are different, they have one thing in common: the fun of life that the people of Quebec have seems limitless.
Whether it\'s an experience in a city setting or in a picturesque resort away from the city, the friendly, festive atmosphere is waiting, determined by food, fun and unforgettable experienceslewys@mymts.
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