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purity ring like scary \'bodies,\' souljah boy, danny brown and transcending indie

by:Marslite     2019-10-20
Megan James is having an oversized cup of coffee.
Table book full of lush images of vampires, Angels and Demons.
After a show in Chicago, a fan handed the book to the pure ring singer and her band teammate Colleen Roddick, who fell in love with it.
\"This is a terrible thing,\" said a pure loop crew member who passed by and looked at it.
\"Isn\'t this beautiful,\" James said ? \".
James seems to like these pictures. -
They send out the same mix of beauty, lust, weirdness, and threat that permeates Edmonton\'s songs --
The band\'s debut album, the shrine, became the Polaris Award for 40 Best Albums in Canada.
However, according to James, it wasn\'t until the band started performing and listened to feedback from fans that she realized the sexy/horrible atmosphere.
\"I was asked if one of my songs was a character about Dracula, and I was like no, I never read that book,\" James laughed . \".
\"Sometimes people take [the music]
Not exactly what I wanted.
Very interesting.
James\'s lyrics in songs like SOCAN Music Awards
The nominated \"Fineshrines\" and \"Lofticries\", \"Obedear\" and \"Belispeak\" are all mysterious and contain a pair of thighs, breasts, eyelids,
She said she didn\'t mean to keep the mystery, it was just the way she expressed herself.
\"This is a diary,\" James said . \".
\"This is the way I release my energy and the way I think about the situation, and I write it by metaphor.
I like my body very much.
When I draw, I draw some people I don\'t know, and I like their relationship with nature or the rest of the world.
\"After the video slide, the interview continues, how many unique purity ring aesthetics are about music, as well as a daze, stutter, slight --
Key production provided by Roddick.
He said the band\'s voice was made organically in the studio.
\"It\'s not from a planned place, it\'s just what happens when I get together with Megan,\" Roddick said . \".
\"Most of the records feel like we were created in the bubble, nobody heard anything, we don\'t know how people would look at it, and what people would get out of it.
We don\'t even know what we got, I think.
We just want to do the music we want to hear.
\"The band also has a more fun side.
They made an ace cover for the Grammy of Soulja Boy because Roddick was a long timetime fan.
\"I \'ve always liked his music, and I kind of made Megan like it,\" Roddick said . \".
\"We \'ve been thinking about making the cover but couldn\'t think of the right song, and when Megan heard the song she said, \'This is it.
\"This is the lyrics and they are great lyrics for what he wants to say,\" James said . \".
\"It\'s kind of selfish, but it\'s kind of like crap, too.
\"The purity ring got some love from the hips --
Jump the world recently.
Virginia rapper Angel Haze mixed \"Lofticries\" with the Detroit superstar --in-the-
Let Danny Brown make a poem in the \"Belispeak\" mix.
The band is now working with Brown to create a song for his upcoming album.
James even walked into the ballroom with a verse about Dray Skull\'s awesome song, first time, Jamaica\'s ballroom icon popakan.
Outside of independent music, Roddick says, people\'s needs are \"very satisfying \".
\"It feels like we\'re a bit on this side because we\'re also in the pop world, but there\'s a bit of a cross,\" Roddick said . \" He wants to be a hip-hop artist.
\"It\'s nice to know that there are different types of people listening, and it\'s not just a market,\" James added . \".
The purity ring will tour throughout the summer with its unique stage setup.
These two use custom
The designed lighting device features \"pods\" hanging around the stage.
With Roddick and James performing, the pods lit up and created an intimate and otherworldly atmosphere.
\"We had six songs before we started performing, and we thought, how should we do this live performance,\" James said . \".
\"I didn\'t perform too much and now it is, still is, we feel comfortable on stage and change the room so we feel the same every night.
I want to make it feel like home.
James and Roddick say they plan to start recording the new album at the end of the festival on September.
But will the new music have a signature pure ringtone or whatever \"hopefully it will have a different sound, . . . . . . \" Roddick laughed.
\"We don\'t know yet,\" James said . \".
\"Yes, we have to start before we really claim what it sounds like,\" Roddick said . \".
One thing they know, Roddick says, is that the visual part of their performance will be an important part of planning the next album.
\"We have a lot of wishes and we are starting to think about them now,\" he said.
Purity Ring\'s \"Fineshrine\" is one of the five songs nominated for the 2013 SOCAN Song Creation Award, in recognition of the best independent music of Canadian songwriters by public vote.
Once the vote ends on July 3, a $5,000 prize will be awarded to the award-winning songwriters and a $3000 gift certificate will be issued to Roland and Les-
ETune from Gibson
All eligible voters were randomly selected for iPad and Roland headsets, and the recipient was announced after the vote.
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