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\'pose\' star dominique jackson stands tall in her belief that trans lives matter

by:Marslite     2019-09-21
\"This is a terrible moment for many of us.
But it also makes us more resilient.
Focus, children.
It\'s time for us to remind the world of who we are, \"Dominic Jackson\'s family mother, elktra Fengying, told her\" family \"in episode 1 pose\"
\"This is what Jackson is committed to doing in real life: reminding the world of transgender people who are and why they deserve the respect and security that has been lacking for decades.
The star of the groundbreaking, well-received FX show attended the Black Liberation Workshop and the Black Liberation Ball in Toronto last weekend, which depicts the ballroom community in New York in the 1980 s, where, she judged the ballroom competition, which gave the torotonians a night to celebrate and experience the world of indoor dances.
Performing in a crowded house, participants walked onto the stage wearing their worst gear.
Their bodies bounce, glide, slide, twist, break and pop when they fight against their opponents.
It\'s on power. Fierce. Fyah. Transformative.
\"The Ballroom saved my life,\" Jackson said . \"
House ball was created decades ago by women of color in the United States. S.
Representing competitors of different \"houses --
Often act as a group of alternative families
Face by carefully prepared dances, dancing and singing on the runway.
\"Posture\" explores what transgender people\'s lives look like before culture enters the mainstream, which is recognized by Madonna\'s \"fashion.
\"And the Toronto Ball co-organized by the JTBL seminar
Curators and house ball veterans, Twysted and Michael Robertson, and Brandon Hay, founder of the black dad club, are all done in the true spirit of the community. \"I was proud.
\"Our pioneers will no longer be with us and they will be very honored,\" Jackson told Huffington Post Canada in her waterfront hotel room.
\"When I was introduced to balls, it was only in New York and now it is spreading everywhere.
I can\'t be happier.
\"Like most of the people who attended the family dance, the community helped Jackson find himself and saved her from the inner chaos that bothered her to grow.
Born on the Caribbean island of Monaco, she lost herself and felt different. I don\'t know that there is a term that describes the inconsistency between the gender at the time of her birth and her real feelings.
\"Not only was I harassed by a priest in dobago, but I was not accepted,\" Jackson said . \".
\"As I grew up, I was told, \'don\'t act like a girl.
Don\'t stand like that, don\'t do that, deepen your voice.
But it\'s natural for me.
I can\'t change anything.
I tried to walk with the bop and I tried to deepen my voice but I just couldn\'t.
Jackson said friends and family were saying I would kill myself if I were.
\"Jackson tried to commit suicide 15 times when she thought life would not be worth living if she could not be accepted.
\"Society in the Caribbean is like this, I think I \'d better die,\" she said . \".
\"Most of the time any LGBTQ community from an island is trying to escape, but some of us have no chance to escape because we were murdered.
There is no law to protect us.
\"The only thing that keeps her going is her confidence in herself, especially after her family immigrated to Baltimore, Maryland.
It was here that she told her family that she wanted to transition to a woman and then, after doing so, she was forced to leave her family\'s home.
\"I kept saying to myself, \'Be strong, \'and even when I was lying on the floor looking at the medicine bottle, I shed tears,\" Jackson said. \"I know I have a goal, I need to be strong, though it\'s not easy to be strong. \".
She repeated the mantra all her life, \"you have a purpose \".
When she walked out of the house and found herself homeless.
When she had to resort to sex work to keep the balance of payments in New York City.
She was raped on the streets of Manhattan.
\"My faith is my faith and I can\'t allow anyone to take it from me,\" Jackson said . \".
\"Transgender people have been told repeatedly that we have no right to live.
Black people are told by our slave owners and continue to be told by society.
\"We have expressed this hatred in general,\" Jackson said . \".
According to CNN, more than 24 transgender people were killed in the United States last year.
Violence program and human rights movement of the LGBTQ civil rights advocacy group.
Last month, imperial star Jussie Smollett was attacked by two men who threw homophobic and racial slurs at gay rights advocates.
In addition, the United States Supreme Court recently allowed President Donald Trump to implement a policy banning certain transgender people from enlistment.
\"This is a terrible moment for many of us.
\"But this is a more flexible push for us,\" Jackson said . \".
\"We must see it and say, \'We must fight for our rights.
She said that it was important for me and black people to live, which gave her hope for progress, but she wanted to see more sports.
My research shows that cross-life is important to my book from 1991.
2014, nearly 2,500 people have brutally killed transgender people, \"Jackson said, referring to her memoir, transgender people from dobago. \"In the U. S.
One of my sisters was hit in the face and the other was hit in the face by her father.
Things must change.
\"Poses\" have become a tool to help transgender people fight further by letting them see them in the media and by revealing a community that is usually not very goodunderstood.
The series includes the largest ever cast of transgender actors, as well as the largest lineup of lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in the script series.
Among the various awards nominations, the show recently won the Golden Globe Award for best TV series, and star Billy Potter was nominated for the show.
After reading pose, Jackson said, she was told that they had re-established ties with excluded family members because they were gay, bisexual and transgender.
\"Pose\" has shown that we are human, and that\'s what people don\'t get, everyone is human.
\"People have been killing us because they don\'t see us as human,\" Jackson said . \".
\"All we want is equality and let people see us as human beings who want the same thing as you: to live freely, to love and to be.
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