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pixar\'s fun house

by:Marslite     2019-08-29
Fortune magazine)
-At least one company, Pixar animation studio, embraced the joy of the workplace: Well, it makes sense that the people behind Toy Story and life of bugs will do so.
The life of a bug makes enough profit for Pixar to build and pay for a new house in emmerville, California.
From the street it looks like an early20th-
But it\'s really an interesting house.
The animators were walking around on the scooters in the hallway, twice as many as the staff Art Gallery.
They read the daily newspaper in the most fashionable cinema in the Bay Area (it seats 250)
Have lunch in the atrium equipped with trattoria.
As for personal office decoration, anything can be done: an animator created the tiki Lodge in Hawaii;
Another man in his 60 s set up a secret.
Style \"love nest\" with disco lights in adjacent utility closets.
Steve Jobs, CEO of Pixar, said: \"We don\'t need a building to say that we are creative because we are already creative . \"
See the letter for Jobs\'s thoughts on another matter).
\"Also, the place where you work determines you.
Even though we use computers, our films are hand-made and we want the building to reflect that.
\"It\'s not surprising that Jobs made a fuss about every detail ---
Convince a brick supplier to reopen so far
The closed kiln of Spokane, because it is the only one in the United States. S.
This can produce the 24 colors he wants.
\"Steve left us the film production,\" said John lasset. time Oscar-
Executive Vice President and award-winning director of Pixar.
But as you can see, he has also made creative contributions.
This is his movie. \" --
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