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pitchfork festival 2013 sunday: r. kelly, m.i.a., killer mike, el-p, tree, chairlift, yo la tengo (photos)

by:Marslite     2019-09-16
Despite the loud swings on Saturday and the face of the weekend
On the last day of 2013 Pitchfork Festival, melted heat showed no signs of slowing down. (
See photos of the first day of the Pitchfork Festival)
In fact, thanks to the sale-
Including the headline bill (and hometowner)R.
Kelly plus a slight drop in temperature, fest-
Tourists lined up on Ashland Avenue earlier than the whole weekend and reportedly waited 40 minutes to ensure the safety of the gate. (
After the review below, see our \"wandering observation\" from the weekend \". )
According to the Tribune, the total attendance rate at the weekend is estimated to exceed 55,000 fans, while-
As of R. , the audience capacity on Sunday was 19,000.
Kelly came on stage that night.
The third day, informally called hip-
The jumping day of the festival, the proud things of Chicago began and ended.
Four of Chicago\'s three festivals
On Sunday, rapper Tree and DJ Rashad went on stage on the last day (
Disappointing, programming each other);
Of course, Kells plans to participate in this landing event.
The story continues below.
All photos of Justin Babin, unless otherwise stated.
If there was a performer in Pitchfork on Sunday who was happier than the Chicago \"soul trap\" initiator tree, I didn\'t see them. The 29-
A one-year-old rapper in a button
The shirt and loose tie sparkled with warm buoyancy in his set, allowing the small, vigilant crowd to raise their hands and sing along, like the \"church\" and the \"White Girl.
\"So many things have happened on the stage ---
The tree has three spare singers, a DJ, a fry and a fierce drummer--
Things can sometimes be out of sync, but never as bad as a tree, so that the tree itself can\'t pull it all back.
The rapper talked to us last week about his becoming a star, noting that just a year ago, he himself was in the audience and was interviewed by Danny Brown;
Now he will open on the last day of the festival.
\"It was a very bad year. \" -K. B.
Tremaine \"Tree\" johnsonon started early on Sunday and heard several songs from Foxygen\'s red stage. Garage-
Y, indistinct, oh, that\'s weird, the Los Angeles band had an exciting start when singer Sam France climbed onto the stage --
Side lighting grid.
Their return sound is not breakthrough in any case, but provides an interesting transition between the generally heavier sound on Saturday and the popular atmosphere on Sunday.
The band also made sure to thank Red Bull, American clothing and a series of people and things like \"all ATMs\" and urged iPhone users to visit the \"Space Jam\" website, which they said has not changed since 1996.
We haven\'t confirmed yet. -J. E.
Towards the blue stage, I grabbed most of Arthur Assin. e.
Set of Autre Ne Veut
The singer turned his unusual fake sound into a strange, unusual but still audible R & B shape known for being a little shy on stage, but on this festival, the cover of the day forced him to look into the eyes of the audience and express his anxiety --filled anthems.
The use of four men wearing white gloves and holding photo frames cites his critical cover --
The acclaimed \"anxiety\" album did not appear too effectively on the stage.
Instead, they distract themselves from amazing beautiful songs like World War, which may sound like a sequel to Whitney Houston, how will I know, \"and\" counting \", during which Ashin released a true killer free poem. -J. E. Atlanta-
So far, rapper Killer Mike is my most amazing holiday.
His rap energy on cuts like \"Reagan\" and \"Southern Fried\", has all the power to put on the record, and then some more.
This is expected in part.
But while Mike\'s set is not good enough ---
He kept it crunchy and energetic, and many rappers got caught up in the chaos of simple robberies and a word or two in the mic ---
The real shock came from what he said between the two songs.
Unlike any other artist at the festival, Killer Mike is sincerely telling the crowd about the scourge of gun violence in Chicago and the importance of knowing your community members.
He dedicated each of his songs to a different activist who was visibly suffocated when it came to Alice Mary Johnson of Chicagoan, who praised her for engaging him
He begged the crowd, \"Damn your neighbor . \"
The rapper also shouted how much he loved his wife and told the audience, \"You make my heart. \" -K. B.
Also on the blue stage, Dev Hynes, me. e. Blood Orange (
Champion of speed of light)
Delivered an incredible scene, reviewed life
Definitely the live atmosphere of frequent collaborators Solange the night before.
Unlike Arthur Ashin, Heins thrive on the central stage, his excellent taste and sheer talent make it clear that he is a rising player in the world of independent music
Caroline Pollack (from Chairlift)
Did the guest sing a song during the set? Heins also emphasized his set-up --
\"Trevor Martin, Troy Davis and anyone who thinks the world is now destroyed. \" -J. E.
A short run to the blue stage of the blood orange proved to be a wise move, despite the panic of claustrophobic fears caused by the crowded crowd.
\"Champagne Coast\" brings together funk, electronics and soul to Dev hynes
But the real point is when he picks up the guitar.
With an axe in his hand, Hynes became more Prince.
Like this moment (
Even throw his shirt in the second half of the set).
The people around the back are dancing.
Trembling with the dance of blood orange
As he winds into the \"Soul Makossa\" style, the Perfect Beat puts him in the fear of \"living\" and the Disco Carnival. \" -K. B. El-
P started fine, but Ginger-
The hair rapper decided after a few songs that it was time to click Reset.
As many expected, he brought out the Killer Mike (
A few minutes later, he finished his performance).
The two men have worked together before. recently, they have worked together to run jewelry (
Pitchfork must know what they\'re doing when they book two cars. to-
Back on schedule). Mike re-
When the two were attracted by George sorrowwood\'s bad to the bone, they showed up.
After hyping their cooperation with Goose Island Beer (
Sold on fest, natural)
This pair jumped into the \"36\" chain.
Before the sea leg
It took a little time for P to tear up R.
Kelly\'s critics ---
This may be a thin one.
Implicitly attacked critic Jim crotis.
When he praised Kells, Killer Mike returned to the conscious message he started in his own scene.
\"Take care of each other,\" he repeated.
\"I think you, Chicago, are the solution,\" he said to the crowd . \".
\"Support Amina Matthews.
The interrupt is supported. \" -K. B.
For anyone curious, El-
P clarify that their gold chain is fake, but you \"don\'t need [\"real]
The gold chain is bad-ass. \" -J. E.
There used to be a time when bands like Yo La Tengo perfectly packaged everything that was used to define pitchforks as publications and extended to its festivals to make them nostalgic
Perfect choice for a day dominated by hipshop.
Lead singer Ira Kaplan made a joke about traveling with R.
Kelly from 1996, but Hoboken
Headquartered in the trio, otherwise keep the jokes low as they go through their settings, it\'s heavy early hits like \"Stockholm syndrome\", \"fall sweaters\" and their beach boys
\"The outfield looks like a refugee camp, with bodies everywhere in the park, taking a moment to lie and listen ---
Or really, sleep. -
When they are addicted to drones, independent rock giants must have lost some momentum. y guitar riffs.
Still, none of the bands at the festival are more reliable (
Some people may say they can predict).
We will never be sad to see a bill from Yo La Tengo grace. -K. B.
Sky Ferreira, 21, is definitely an outside card reservation for this year\'s Pitchfork organizer, and her uneven blue stage shows why.
Wearing clothes of dreamsof-the-90s outfit (
Denim jacket, white top, black skirt, Boots)
Ferreira\'s synthesizer network cable
Jam pops up one by one, not so sour --
Once, the singer seemed to cry badly, adding an extra odd element to the set.
Hynes joined her at the end of the set and took part in a duet, although it didn\'t sound too good-
After the rehearsal, it still brought a refreshing relief after all the plot plays. -J. E.
Stop what you are doing, take a look at the tour dates of the cable car and buy tickets immediately to the nearest show.
A synthetic man in Brooklyn
There is a breakthrough.
When the \"bruises\" caught Apple\'s attention and appeared in a commercial advertisement, ogs.
But the band is not far from a band. hit wonder.
On the blue stage on Sunday, the band was fascinated by the \"something\" song ---
Including the gorgeous \"I belong to your arms \"---
And some new songs that sound very promising.
Extra points for Polachek to wear one of my favorite holiday costumes: can only be described as a disco nurse scrub.
Very exciting. -J. E.
From the time I saw her setI. A.
When she browses her new hits, the sound problem is relatively small (
\"Noise \")and old (
\"Bucky is done\", \"XR2\", \"Boyz \")
Before setting up the stage, I was strangely reminded of the psychedelic twist on the snowflakes in the Christmas parade.
As a whole, it feels jubilant and important, just like the setting of a festival headline news.
She also has Lady Gaga on set, and she has a tendency to commit suicide.
The shirt frowned and smoked a lot of cigarettes. -J. E.
I guess someone is at the wrong end on a very unpleasant tongue.
Tie After MI. A. \'s performance.
Farther from the stage, the sound is fixed
Long term disaster, M. I. A.
She repeatedly asked for a higher volume through the microphone, as well as background tracks for feedback and Splash, which were very jarring and she ordered the whole thing to stop several times.
As a performer, M. I. A.
Is unpredictable, so disruption may be seen as part of a show to those close to itup.
The singer revealed only a little sign of frustration, but instead invested in songs, dances, wading in the crowd, leading the Park --wide sing-a-
\"Paper Plane \".
\"As far as the audience is concerned, they are very excited, so hopefully no one is out of work because the voice fails.
Glitches and so on, MI. A.
The show was intense and interesting and was one of the most exciting shows on the weekend. -K. B.
I\'m from M. I. A.
We were ready to grab part of the glass candy blue stage set and they didn\'t let me down because I made that decision. The disco-
Portland radio show-
Ada Noo and Johnny Jewell-
Use their dance party to turn the little audience into a frenzy-friendly hits.
At the end of the set, Ida had no audience
Almost all the way back in the middle
Audience booth and back--
This brings a lot of trust to your fans.
A sensational set that belongs to the cover of night. -J. E.
If you want a bumper
Travel by car of emotion, book R.
Kelly, as your damn holiday headline.
Caused controversy for all wrong reasons (high-
Trial of archival child pornography)
And praise all the right (
Amazing Creativity, verbal talent and quirky to never end)
A lot about Kelly\'s position at the Festival what does it mean to embrace our culture with flawed stars and independent stars in history
A Learning festival dominated by white fans and artists.
So now, let\'s focus on this scene.
Of course, just like anything related to R.
Kelly, it\'s hard to describe his scene in one word.
It\'s weird, beautiful, thrilling, ridiculous, funny and powerful.
The time when a voice Countdown singer came to power (\"R-
Minus 60 o seconds! \")
Get the crowd into a rapid frenzy--
But if we knew it
Kayles is by a 30-
The strong robed chorus starts with \"Ignition (Remix)
It\'s not a good idea, it\'s a terrible idea.
The rain began to fall, and when the song was over, there was a body full. But really --
Who cares about those who leave?
What they missed was R. Kelly sing-
Said la was \"trapped in a closet \"(
Highlight: \"They told me not to curse. . .
They told me not to have sex. . .
How do you expect me to be my mother\'s Wang Xiu?
I thought it was an adult sex show?
\"Can someone get me a towel so I can take my faaaaace away ? \"? \")
Played 20 years of music in less than two hours.
Most of the songs are in medley form (
\"You remind me of my Jeep \"), cover form (
Flash lights by Kanye)
And some gorgeous Capella (\"Slow Dance (Hey Mr. DJ)\").
In the beginning, the sound of Kells sounded extremely harsh, but after the \"Slow Dance\", the full range of his R & B sound fluency disappeared.
Crystal in hand
Inlaid microphone, full wear
A white dress dotted with Sparks, Kelly looks as magical as he sounds.
At the end of the set, a group of white pigeons
On the top of the audience, balloons of different shapes were released;
It\'s weird and a bit ridiculous in the real Kelly form, but strangely, it\'s pretty.
The funniest fan observation on the set (
This is a happy joke without urinating)was that R.
Kelly did not know the time: Unlike Bjork, who was interrupted by bad weather, Kyle stopped his performance 15 minutes before the curfew.
Before the bumper music flooded the stage, however, Kelly said earnestly, \"I\'m going to dedicate this song to Chicago!
\"More pigeons set sail and Kelly ended with a strong performance of\" I Believe I Can Fly.
\"So what if it\'s always linked to\" Space Jam?
\"I\'m going to cry. -K. B. I did see M. I. A.
The dancers who performed on the Chicago singer\'s set appeared to have been enchanted. The light-
\"I Believe I Can Fly\" The Pigeon balloon at the end? A nice touch. Thanks to R.
On this year\'s Pitchfork, Kelly and Bjork, I will support a new festival requirement that the choir be used for all the headlines.
Behind his set.
Kelly is surrounded by fans trying to capture close-up shots.
The star and the up photo of his very shiny white top, had to pose for a few shots before boarding a giant black bus. -J. E.
The general view of wandering Lafayette 2013, I feel that there are many fork festivals in a year.
Except for Sunday, except for Friday\'s heat and Bjork set, this year\'s festival is not too crowded --
End the storm and the weather is almost perfect at this time of year.
Like Sorange. I. A.
Glass Candy, cable car, Wildman brought such a high level of professional spirit and Poland to unite. (
When it comes to joints, a lot of this happens. )
While other acts are not fully cooked, no one feels they are on the phone this year.
Throughout the weekend, the crowd generally respected each other, and the fashion was a bit wild and more interesting ---
Patterns in Sarongs, flowers, men--
More than in the past few years.
In my book, it\'s really no better. -J. E.
This year\'s film festival has reached a strange, enjoyable balance with the audiencewise.
Young people, old people, black people, brown people and white people.
Despite the soaring temperatures, men wear feminine clothes, girls with shaved heads, lots of seapunks, better beers, and no aggressive\'t udes.
There are plenty of babies, bindis and bandanas.
These behaviors are diverse and solid.
High: festivals are still affordable
Although the scale is getting bigger and more mainstream, it is still organized.
Low point: The rain is shorter than York. it is recommended to strengthen-
Sunday\'s security work is somehow racially charged. motivated. -K. B.
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