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by:Marslite     2019-09-11
For music connoisseurs, the curtain of the festival may fall in Chennai, but at Thiruvananthapuram, an elegant fare awaits them, Kuthiramalika
The writer visited the sacred venue that the artist considered sacred, and many of them considered acting a privilege.
Kuthiramalika Palace was built by Maharaja Swati Tirunal Rama Varma of travano in the 1840 s, near his family God Sri padmanabhasw
A remarkable feature of its architecture is the 122 carved horses (kuthira)
On the wooden stand that supports the entire south of the palace roof, this is its name.
Part of the palace is open to the public as a museum.
A signboard still calls it the psammarika Palace, its original name.
Such boards led me all the way to the west side of the palace until I passed through a small door and suddenly found myself standing on the ground of the palace.
After noon, the rambling courtyard was filled with bright sunshine, which did not take away the melancholy air that filled the place.
In sharp contrast, every year for a week, when the palace courtyard holds a unique music festival-swatti sangssousawan, it will present the scene of the festival.
The festival is in honor of the legacy of Maharaja, a prolific composer and patron of music and dance, by his descendant, Rama Val, a descendant of the family of Trafalgar
Over the years, the festival has grown in size and now attracts music lovers from India and abroad.
Usually held more than seven days from January 6
The Swati Sangeetholsavam Festival in 2013 each year will be a festival in January 4-13 to commemorate the dual festivals of Royal composers.
Prince Rama Varma noted that Maharaja Swati Tirunal is one of the few people who have created it in the style of Carnatic and Hindustani, who have seven languages --
Sanskrit, Malaya, Telugu, Kanada, Hindi, blajasha and mannepullava.
Amazing Diversity
Styles of Varjam, Swarajati, Tillana, Kirtanam, Padam, Javali and Tillana Carnatic and the Stan style of drapad, Kaha also, Thappa and Bazan-
Making it possible to hold the works of the whole festival of mahalaja, there are still enough varieties.
The stage of the concert is \"Poomukham\" or the wide hexagonal center of the corridor running along the south side of the palace.
There are chairs in the palace facing the stage.
The palm leaves on the stage are simply decorated.
The artist of the day first lit a lamp in front of the Sri Padmanabhaswamy photo on the stage, then lit a lamp in front of Maharaja Swati Tirunal,
Then the musicians sat in the sunset to start the music night.
The two men walked around the stage unobtrusively, lit the high oil lights, hung the lights around \"Poomukham\" and took care of them from the shadows until the end of the concert.
This festival has one of the best Open tournaments.
You can experience the air sound system anywhere.
The spotlight gently brightened the stage as night fell.
The moon rises on the roof of the palace at some point before the \"Lord\" and the famous courthramarika Owl (
Two white owls turned the roof of the palace into their home)
Hovering overhead.
Prince Rama Valma said it could be \"a bit awkward\" to be both an organizer and a performer at the same festival \".
He said that as a singer and a singer, he sometimes holds a vocal concert, and sometimes a veena concert, trying to bring diversity.
He freely shared the video of the festival on Youtube.
If you search with keywords \"swathi\" and \"kuthiramalika\", you can experience a rich past concert.
Community of Orkut (Rama Varma)
There are members who are enthusiastic about reporting and paying attention to the Festival concert.
There are no tickets for Kuthiramalika music festival.
The festival, originally funded by Prince Rama Valma himself, is now run by an official trust fund called Sir Rama valmaraja.
\"Musicians at the festival understand the purpose behind it,\" Prince said . \".
\"They are ready to show all kinds of compositions.
Throughout the music festival, we strive to ensure that no music is repeated.
\"This is an important factor he keeps in mind when inviting artists to perform.
As an organizer, Prince Rama Valma is very concerned about Honorary artists, regardless of their age, gender, religion or native language.
At 2012 festival, young artists performed with senior professor Abhilash.
When Venkataramanan was in his 70 s, the concert video uploaded by the Prince on Youtube made him the heart of a pure Carnatic music lover.
Prince Rama Varma also hosted the Navaratri Mandabam festival for centuries in Thiruvananthapuram, where, in the holy Mandabam
In 2006, he opened mandala to female performers and listeners, \"breaking the tradition \".
\"Navaratri is a festival for world mother Devi.
So why should women be excluded from mandala?
Prince explained what prompted him to fight for 22 years to lift the ban.
That was Smt Parassala Ponnammal, where she was invited to be the first lady to perform in her early 80 s.
When she spoke about her performance at Kuthiramalika, she recalled this with deep respect and gratitude.
While Mandala has restrictions on admission, clothing and concert time, the kutramalika festival is open to all music lovers and provides a relaxing performance space for artists
\"I was lucky and lucky to perform twice at Kuthiramalika,\" Vidushi Ponnammal said . \".
\"This venue is filled with the divine presence of Sri padmana bahawamy and mahalaja swarty Tiuna, which is equivalent to the \'indrasadas\' of heaven.
When I sing there, I can clearly feel that they are really there in person and bless me.
\"The Masters of Sri Lanka\'s Balamuralikrishna Prince Rama Varma have adjusted many of the ingredients lost by Wang Gong, their original spectrum.
\"I was attracted by the poems in his work,\" Prince Rama Valma said . \".
\"Wang Gong is a great tramp.
I prayed to him that he occupied my heart, that he sang and that music followed, \"he said simply.
\"Every time I sing at the Swati music festival, I pay attention to adjusting and singing new songs.
\"Apart from Navaratri manapam, this is my favorite venue,\" said Amrutha Venkatesh . \".
\"In fact, Wang Gong was sitting in a room in that Palace, very quiet, which was very special to me.
\"I particularly like the artist\'s practice of lighting up the lights before the concert,\" Amrutha said . \".
\"We are very happy to be on this festival,\" exclaimed Akkarai Subhalakshmi, a young violinist who held an event with her sister Kum sornaratha.
\"This is an opportunity to showcase the rare works of Wang Gong.
With a variety of varnams, JavaBean, padams and thillanas, we are all excited about the concert.
The stage is so beautiful
We think it\'s coaxing us to continue singing.
This is a sacred experience.
\"All in all, it is this that makes Svati sangssousawan in kutramarika a destination for music lovers.
Swajan 4-Swati Festival
Sanjay subrahman 5-
Rama VarmaJan month-
Master Sidhdharth (5 to 6:30 p. m. )J. B. Sruthisagar (flute)6:30 p. m. Jan 7 -
Amrutha VenkateshJan month-
Seker Gurucharan 9-
10-Ramakrishnan moslinjan
Debapria and Samanwaya (Hindustani)Jan 12 -
Vighnesh ashwarjan 13-O. S.
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