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pic: u2 were paid £300, sandwiches, and beer for 80s gig

by:Marslite     2019-10-07
They are one of the biggest bands in the world and have been there for decades, but it is far from being sold
U2 was lifted outside the stadium.
Today, the group may be used to luxury jets, travel around the world and teams that carry equipment, manipulate lighting equipment, and generally meet every whim and desire of them, but at the beginning, the band only wanted sandwiches, beer and a few soft drinks.
\"They are a small band looking for publicity and performance. They are very personable and easy to get along with,\" said Eoin Ronayne . \" He booked a fledgling U2 band for a show in February 1980.
According to a particularly bad recall contract that Mr. Ronayne recently posted on Facebook, the cost of u2\'s performance was only £ 300. googletag. {});
The band also made some relatively modest demands.
They asked for no more than 2 tickets for the show and asked to pay 100% in all published ads and posters.
They also ordered some sandwiches, beer and minerals and hired an electrician for an hour.
The contract for the show, which costs £ 1980, \"I was involved in pirate radio when I left Watford\'s school in my teens.
I have a Dave Fan Ning.
I was also in charge of the rock show, \"said Mr. Ronayne.
\"I met this band at the Dandelion Market (now the green mall in St. Stephen\'s), which is called u2.
Then I got a call saying I was interested in taking them to the show?
U2 had just released their first record, three, and the performance of the Waterford Regional Institute of Technology would be their first tour outside the capital. googletag. {});
\"They play in the canteen,\" said Mr. Ronayne . \".
\"They are a very small band and the stage is just a table in the canteen pulling together, but it\'s a sale --out.
\"When Mr. Ronayne, a selfconfessed rock-
Crazy teenagers at the time, watching U2 play their voice check, admitted he skipped the actual show.
\"Ma slips play at St. Patrick\'s College in De la Condra, so I decided it would be more fun to go to Ma slips instead of staying to see U2,\" he admits . \".
\"I heard that U2 was great that night, and then anyone I met said I missed a great show.
After that, they were very successful and the next year they booked a trip to the United States and things started to happen to them.
They grow very fast.
A few months after he skipped u2\'s first Watford show, Mr. Ronayne traveled to Leixlip Castle to see them supporting the police.
\"I also interviewed them,\" he said . \"
\"Since then, I \'ve been in Ireland for every concert at U2, and I \'ve been in Ireland except for this concert because I can\'t get a ticket, believe it or not.
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