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piaf! the show features fast-rising french singer

by:Marslite     2019-09-20
What: Piaf!
Venue: Royal Theatre, 805 Broughton Street.
Time: Wednesday, March 20. m. Tickets: $63. 50-$73.
£ 50 at the Royal McPherson box office, tel: 250-386-
6121 yuan, or RMB online. bc.
In 1956, when singer Piaf premiered at Carnegie Hall, her New York concert was praised by major media including The New York Times. She is called the \"miserable priestess \".
She will return to her last concert at Carnegie Hall, where she died in 1957 and at the age of 47 in 1963.
Anne Carrey, 34, plays French idol in Piaf!
The show was performed on the Piaf stage at Carnegie Hall on 2017, the 60 th anniversary of Piaf\'s last performance in the sacred hall.
The performance attracted similar praise in the newspaper. “Ms.
It is reported that Carlyle miraculously captured the soul and tone of the Piaf.
It was a fast-growing process for Carlyle, who took on a lifetime role in 2015, a relatively unknown role.
The tour, conceived and directed by French visionary Jill masala, has sold more than millions of tickets in more than 50 countries, and this week\'s stay in Canada is underway. Piaf!
The show will arrive at the Royal Victoria Theatre on Wednesday for a show, one of the nearly 100 shows that Carrey has made this year\'s trip to Piaf.
\"It was a big trip,\" Carrey said with a smile at his home in southern France with the help of a translator.
\"There\'s still a lot of singing. ” Piaf —
Sheng É dith Giovanni Gassion-
Died of cancer more than 50 years ago, but thanks to a tour like Piaf, her legacy is thriving!
The TV series and film, such as the seventh episode of La Vie en rose, won the Oscar for best actress for Marion cotilard.
Carrey said she studied the latter in preparation for her role in the Tour, but she also compared Carrey\'s voice with several others, including composer Charles Dumont and singer Jermaine Redford, to \"the voice of the Holy motto Piaf at the top of her career \".
\"I watched a lot of videos and Saw movies,\" she said . \".
\"I also met with the people who knew her, the Friends of the Holy motto Piaf, who told me anecdotes about her life.
However, the biggest Hill she was going to climb reflected piafu\'s melancholy and loud voice.
\"The Little Sparrow of Paris\" inspired many channiers with her music, but her life story is also well known.
Carlyle was a novice before taking on the current role, so the learning curve was steep in terms of performance.
\"When I was a little girl, I knew the holy training Piaf of the two songs: Rose and Amor.
My grandmother listened to these songs at home, but I found my life on this show.
Born in bordello, Paris, Piaf is a street.
Smart kids have incredible pitching skills. Perfect Song
At the age of 14, she sang on the streets of Paris, although she would encounter a lot of sacrifice and sadness --
Her daughter, Marcelle, died in 1934 from a brain stream, two years old when Piaf was 19, while her mentor, Louis Vuitton Lee, was murdered in 1936.
It raised her notorious resilience to a good level. Piaf!
The show is divided into two 45-
The first part is her day on the street.
In fact, the first thing that surprised Carlyle was the early part of the show.
\"I like the first part,\" she said . \".
\"The audience doesn\'t know all the songs and finding the unknown is a challenge.
It is important to sing for two hours, but it is necessary.
\"Thanks to her bilingual ability, Piaf is one of the first global music stars, and a series of performances on The Ed Sullivan Show have made her widely accessible to American audiences.
Carrey said this aspect of her career was explored in the second half of the show.
\"The first part is the life of the Holy motto Piaf on the street, and the song is when she is not known.
The second part was when she succeeded, we sang the most famous songs.
\"La Vie en rose, Padam, Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien and l\'accord éoniste are all the touchstones for contemporary music. Piaf!
The show has brought these and others back to life, and with the support of previously unreleased Piaf photos, the lush set has successfully created a tribute as a unique
The film has been on a wide range of tours during its release, including tours in China, Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy and Australia, which is also a big attraction for Carrey.
\"Every show is different.
Each audience is different.
It is incredible to meet different people in different cities.
For my heart and soul, traveling around the world is very rich.
\"Mdevlin @ time colonists.
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