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philharmonia/salonen at the festival hall

by:Marslite     2019-10-01
How many millions did we spend in the Festival Hall?
Thursday night, on the nerves --
At the end of Stravinsky\'s Firebird, the luxurious stage lights flashed several times and then completely extinguished.
Excellent Philharmonic Orchestra and ESA
Pekka Salonen is in complete darkness.
The audience groaned because the show was always appealing and no one wanted it to end in a chaotic and frustrating way. It didn’t.
The band never missed a beat, the horn player (Nigel Black)
Great, after a few seconds the lights in the lobby lit up.
Even so, the vast majority of supporters of the highly subsidized Bank of South Bank still need someone to control it.
Still, something worse happened in Pompeii.
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