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people get ready: celebrating curtis mayfield\'s 70th birthday!

by:Marslite     2019-09-11
How long can a person see the diameter and width, impression, Meshell Ndegeocello and the stars of the root of Sinead O\'Connor in one night?
It was indeed an extraordinary concert, part of last Friday\'s Lincoln Center Music Festival.
The late Curtis Mayfield seems to be everywhere and his name is \"here but I\'m gone --\"-
I\'m gone, but I\'m still here.
Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Curtis Mayfield was a star when he was young, creating a series of wonderful soul and protest songs with his \"Chicago\"
Group according to impression.
These are all things that we all know and love, even if sometimes we may be slow in identifying their origins, classic works performed by Jerry Butler, such as \"he will hurt your heart,\" later reported by Dolly Parton, Tony Orlando and the woman of the Gypsy ---
So who hasn\'t reported the woman of the Gypsy yet?
Part of Mayfield\'s extraordinary talent lies not only in the breadth of his work (
Beautiful love songs, strong R & B, blues ballad, symphony works)
But in the clever side-by-side of form and content ---
Soft for Mayfair
Rhythm and treble
The voice of falseto masks the powerful message that his songs convey to the world.
There is nothing sharp or angry in the Mayfield play.
This is a subversive and powerful strategy, a strategy brought home by handsome and equally striking Aloe Blacc, he performed \"Your temperament\" and \"back\" towards the world, keeping the audience at the edge of the seat in such a subtle gesture, waiting for him to drop the checkout counter, or finally come up with something--
But he has never done that before, and thankfully, he is loyal to Mayfield\'s original style of performance.
Mevis staples shouted \"this is my country\" and \"let\'s do it again,\" but when she yelled at night that she would never take the bus back again, there is no need to politicize (
No one wants you to do that, maavis)
Ask why everyone is so hard for Barack Obama.
Fair enough, but the venue seems a bit wrong for this gesture.
This is, after all, a tribute to Mayfield, who died in 1999, and about a decade ago, he paralyzed stage lighting at an outdoor concert at Wingate stadium in Flatbush.
It is better to leave politics to the artist\'s subtle wording.
On the other hand, Inyang Bassey, who made her voice speak, published an exciting, truly amazing \"Darker Than Blue\".
The shocking version of the Ndegeocello, the presherman, is so heartfelt, emotional and real --to-
Her life on the stage seems to have completely changed the role she plays in the song.
O\'Connor shaved her head and wore a military uniform and dark sunglasses when she was in her signature soft whisper and deep, bandthe-house-down voice.
Her interpretation of Jesus was the best cover of the soul classic, but it passed on \"Billy Jack\" and when she started to swing back and forth she really got into The Covent --to-
Like a compact double-body locomotive, always controlled but always
Increase in power and strength.
However, the highlight of the evening is the existence of the impression itself ---
It\'s been a golden time, but it\'s still vibrant and entertaining.
They performed four songs: \"We are the winners\", \"continue to push\" and people are ready (yeah! )
\"Selection of colors.
In fact, a member of the band deconstructed the lyrics to \"people are ready\" for too young an audience to remember or understand the lyrics: he smiled and said, \"you don\'t need a ticket, all you need to do is thank God, which means: we don\'t care if you have money or not.
That\'s not why.
\"By the way, one should notice that the whole house band is excellent.
At the end of the night, if there is hell below, it is threatened to blow up the roots of the roof of Avery Fisher Hall, which is very loud and wonderful. (
This is not the case now! ? )
Throughout the evening, the audience swayed with the music, sang with the performers, and stood up to pay tribute to the incredible funk prophet.
People are really ready.
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