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by:Marslite     2019-09-02
The first real nightclub in Chennai has a story that could be fictional.
The founder apparently opened a disco in the famous conservative city.
\"When can we do it? ” asked one.
\"When Hell Freezes,\" said another man with a face.
The club finally opened in 1999.
Of course, it was named hell freeze by the city\'s vibrant party set and quickly shortened to HFO.
It sounds a bit exaggerated.
But remember, this story happened in Chennai, in her 1990 s.
When the intersection of the city is \"sindoori\", this is a sincere space full of kitsch disco lights and tangled college students.
When Chennai is home to a series of awkward \"afternoon discos\", the goal of these discos is to get together --
Probably need to safely return to the audience at their amm\' table during dinner time.
The great success of HFO proves that potential club owners underestimate the city.
Today\'s complicated party scene shows that Chennai\'s club members are enthusiastic and demanding.
Now one of the hottest venues in the country, standing on the flying dance floor of the Park Hyatt hotel, it is obvious that the city attaches great importance to the party. It is 3 a. m.
On a wet, stormy Saturday night, huge space was filled.
Serious packaging.
Think about it: the local train during peak hours, except for the expensive cocktails we wear Chanel 5 and Scotch whisky, not sweat and polyester.
Chennai\'s party is no longer a province of affluent hipsters and now includes people of all ages, although the biggest party is in their 20 s and 30 s.
They were out all week-not just on Saturday night.
They meet with friends, family and colleagues on weekends.
Work for a week.
With the bar deadline extended, the bar jump has become the norm, and on a typical Saturday night, the average club member clicks on about three venues.
Higher disposable income means they also consume anything from Rs. 5,000 – Rs.
25,000 per night including dinner, drinks and entrance fees.
As the options increase, the dj, music style, settings and prices on site are more diverse than ever before.
\"But Chennai hasn\'t really changed,\" DJ Siddharth Rao said after his impromptu performance.
Blend package in Taj mountain road.
From the complex crowd of 20 people, it\'s hard to believe
Something comes together, comes together, jumps with energy, even though it\'s past 2. m.
They face the DJ religiously, buzzing with his esoteric EDM brand (
Electronic dance music)—
This genre talks a lot.
\"Chennai is always late.
When I was a resident DJ at HFO, we played until 6 in the morning. m.
Siddhartha said.
It was in the 2000 s when there were only two places: HFO or EC41, a dramatic setting on the beach.
\"This is where we are closest to having a super club in Chennai and people are waiting in line.
\"The trend now is the lounge and the bar where people can dance as well, although the dance floor is not at the heart of the design.
\"Music has changed. Till mid-
More than 2000 clubs have mixed it up: hip hop, Bollywood and many commercial buildings.
\"Now, specific music is played in specific places,\" Siddharth said . \".
At Blend, for example, young audiences look forward to new music from the avant-garde.
Resident DJ Vijay Chawla has a loyal following in the city, he says he plays deep house, which will go into \"bouncy, tech house\" and then in the morning
For people who want something more \"easy (
Think about Guetta meeting Honey Singh)
There is a 9,000 square foot flying elephant. ft. , seven-
Close to midnight, it becomes a fine restaurant for the club.
Although Rs is relatively stiff.
Cover fee of 3,000 by 1a. m.
It\'s packed with people dancing to a mix of Bollywood and commercial houses.
I saw a vague familiar face on the crowded floor.
\"Where are you all year? ” I mouth. “Right here.
He said with a smile: \"Every Saturday night he hugs akimbo.
This is another thing about the new scene --
Despite the wide variety of products;
All the top venues have loyal old customers.
The three giants of Chennai\'s most popular space are done with Q Bar, a pleasant compromise between Blend\'s unwavering avant-garde music and the popular playlist of the flying elephant.
It is located on the roof of Hilton, attracting a group of eclectic people, and schleps is faithful despite the heavy traffic --
From the Breeze Cottage at the bar, seckadu tangle is immersed in the city\'s flashing lights.
Drinking their tall signature Long Island iced tea, I watched a long-legged African woman in a hot red dress dance salsa with her blonde boyfriend, except for me, A group of girls in unbearable high heels danced with the remix of John\'s legendary ear worm, all of me . . . . . . If Blend is very young, the International of Q bar is very charming.
All three understand the basic rules of a popular club: good people.
As any smart bodyguard knows: The crowd attracts the crowd. Thirty-three-year-
The old mountain Carl Raman, who gets together here every weekend, said he started his night at cheep Stead in Taj koromander, \"customers are older,
\"So I like to go there,\" he said . \".
Sometimes he will go to the leather bar in the Park to prepare his pre-party drinks.
\"The other bars are too loud.
He added, \"My party always ends at the Q Bar. Always.
\"There are also many small venues in the city that attract niche but focused audiences.
Arasu, manager of small world, said they cater to a diverse group of regulars. “Friends. Colleagues.
Someone even came in with their parents.
He added, \"We are a restaurant --
So we call ourselves \"ex. party’ space.
Not the car\"o-
Bars, people used to drink in the car, and now they come to a community bar like ours to eat and start spending the night. He added, \"the bar
Now that everything is open for a longer time, jumping has become mandatory.
After all, you can\'t just be in one place from 9. m. till morning!
\"For those looking for a replacement for a disco --
The lights, the Moon and Sixpence, the \"Irish Volkswagen\" of the harburis Hotel, are popular for its cleverly curated live music night, where all the features come from Bangalore-
Fast board fudge in Mumbai
Based on rotating Kalapas.
Chennai pop band Skrat recently released their new album queen here. Twenty-
Grey Shack\'s guitarist, Vikram Vivekanand, a regular, said he avoided \"Saturday Night night nightclubs like the plague \".
Instead, he prefers relatively leisurely
He said that even if he went in alone, he would inevitably meet friends, \"because the show was too small \".
Their range of reasonably priced beers is an advantage, including the British Empire, Royal Dutch beer and \"pretty good beer \". If it’s post-
Working drinks, pre-
Warm up party, even a post
Party Chat, the more mature-
Crowds flocked to the Hyatt House.
Bar, 365 AS, with its name \"happy-
Hour bar \"thanks for the\" double happy hour \"offer: Buy one get one free from 4 pm. to 8 p. m.
And start at 11. m. to 1 a. m.
But that\'s not the only reason it\'s popular.
Faithful Hisham Osman says it works because it meets the requirements of the contemporary party space.
\"People today want good music, good service and great bartenders.
Customers spend between 20 and 25 a night, so they have high expectations.
They are very picky about alcohol, the crowd and the atmosphere.
He added, \"This is the new Chennai.
People work hard, spend hard, and get together hard.
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