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partners in limelight

by:Marslite     2019-09-23
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 16/5/2016 (1137 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Music and personal relationships will be the focus when violinist James Ennes takes the stage in Winnipeg as part of his crossCanada tour. The Brandon-
Born Master and pianist Andrew Armstrong performed two performances at Westminster United Church on Wednesday as part of a 24-hour show
Stop the national tour marking the 40 th birthday of Ehnes.
The trip will eventually take them to all 10 provinces and three regions, mixing big cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver with smaller centers such as saxvilleS. ;
Icalit of Nunavut; and Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont.
The concert will showcase the long-standing partnership between Ehnes and Armstrong, dating back to their student days at the Julia Conservatory of Music in New York City.
\"When we were students in New York, I met Andy through a common friend, and the first concert we played together was on 2001,\" Ehnes recalled in a telephone interview in Calgary last week.
\"It\'s one of the interesting things that all happen at random.
This is the last time. minute.
There was a concert where he was invited to play a violin recital and he needed to find a violinist who worked with him.
\"Looking back, it\'s easy for me to decide that it doesn\'t work and it doesn\'t work.
It will be a huge loss for me as he is one of my best friends and someone I have played with, especially in the last 10 years or so.
Ehnes says his music collaboration with Armstrong is effective because they have similar views on things, but that doesn\'t mean they will automatically solve the problem.
\"It\'s also good to work with Andy, just like we play together, and it never becomes formulaic,\" Ehnes said . \".
\"It\'s not like, \'Well, we \'ve played all of these clips together, so logically that\'s the way we\'re going to play this clip and this one.
Everything we do, we are all eager to really get to the heart of it and try to make the most of it.
This is still very inspiring in the process of working with Andy;
Everything is a new experience.
Armstrong grew up in Detroit and now lives in Massachusetts.
\"He came from Detroit and thought he was
\"It\'s Canadian,\" said Ehnes.
\"It was really interesting to share the whole experience with him.
My wife and I traveled with two children who were very close to Andy.
\"Bramwell Tovey, who is the conductor of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and a former master of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, is another longtime music collaborator who has played a lot on the Ehnes @ 40 tour
Tovey was one of Ehnes\'s early supporters, dating back to when the violinist was a teenager.
When he first came to Winnipeg
I think it was 1988.
When I first met him, I had a chance to play for him . \"
\"Since the first meeting, he really took me under his wing and gave me many first chances.
There are a lot of the most important opportunities in my career because of Branwell, who is a good friend and colleague.
Their most famous music cooperation is the 2006 Music Award.
Award-winning Barber/Korngold/Walton Violin Concerto, Ehnes plays with VSO under the guidance of Tovey.
The album won a Grammy and is one of the nine awards Ehnes has won over the years.
Therefore, it is natural that a very wonderful work will appear on Wednesday\'s program, \"the flow of the spotlight\", which also includes the works of Handel and Beethoven.
\"I \'ve always wanted to play some of his music,\" Ennes said of torvey . \".
\"So when this tour was organized, I thought about a crossroads.
I really want to have a Canadian composition. he is the one I really want to accept because he is a musician I like very much, also someone with whom I have such a long, very special personal relationship.
\"The spotlight is a stage light that was used to illuminate performers before the electric spotlight, and Ehnes says Tovey\'s work helps create a dramatic atmosphere.
\"I think you often feel this way as a musician --
You are under the lights of the stage, nowhere to hide, you are exposing yourself, speaking in music, speaking in person, you have to create all these different worlds of expression and emotion, ehnes said.
\"This piece has the effect of jazz, and some parts are very lyrical, the lounge-
Great pronunciation and part.
In a quick nine-minute pass, the whole world is happening --and-a-half minutes.
\"The trip also gave Ehnes a chance to stay in Florida with his family and reconnect with the country he was born in.
The sunny weather in Vancouver is intertwined with the blizzard in altabanff.
Ehnes performed at a fundraising concert for victims of the Fort McMurray fire this month.
\"It\'s amazing to see the generosity of the Banff people,\" Ehnes said . \".
\"They really paid for it, and hopefully we can raise a lot of money.
\"1 p tickets for Ehnes are still available. m. concert.
The price is $32, $30 for seniors and $10 for students, which can be purchased on www. themco. ca. The 7:30 p. m.
The show was sold out. alan. Little @ freepressmb.
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