own a piece of history: seats from joe louis arena up for sale

by:Marslite     2019-10-16
After 38 seasons and two Stanley Cup victory celebrations at Joe Louis Arena, Detroit Red Wing fans now have a chance to have a history.
The town of Windsor Hawk bid farewell to Joe. Seats at Joe Louis Arena, which closed on last July, are now on sale.
Season ticket holders can now purchase seats online.
Unsold seats will be open to the public on May 12.
Seatswill sells at least two sets-
Each seat starts at $150.
Fans who request a specific seat will be charged an additional fee.
The seats purchased are all insite pick-
Ship on a future date.
All seats will include a certificate of authenticity for the signature.
The Detroit Red Wings competed at Joe Louis Arena from 1979 to 2017.
In addition to the home base of four Stanley Cup tournaments, six Stanley Cup finals, various sporting events and concerts, the arena also hosted 1980 Republican National Convention.
As for the other assets of Joe Louis Arena ,-
Furniture, lighting, suite bar, and even official scoreboard
Will be sold through online auctions.
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