outdoor halloween light show set to awolnation, fall out boy will amaze you (video)

by:Marslite     2020-01-15
An ambitious homeowner in suburban Chicago won the Halloween decorations gamedown.
Behind this stunning exhibition the brave architect built a home on the sick neperville Conan Doyle Road.
M6 LED lights make skulls, faces, pumpkins and other weird characters flash with music. (
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YouTube user TreeHorn89 shared a series of videos from \"Thomas Halloween 2013\" that showed a spectacular display of Awolnation lighting up \"sail\" tunes, LMFAO\'s \"I\'m sexy, I know, \"and Halloween --
Theme songs from the movie \"Nightmare Before Christmas\" such as \"Monster Remix\" and \"This is Halloween\".
Even the Boy\'s Pete Wintz. -
Native of Illinois-
Note: From treehorn89\'s account, Halloween is not the only festival to receive treatment for music and light shows.
According to the YouTube video description, the light show is from 9: 30 to 6. m.
Working days, from 10: 30 to 6. m. on the weekend. (
Digital Journal H/t)
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