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by:Marslite     2019-10-20
After 25 years of groundbreaking performances, Oprah Winfrey will say goodbye to millions of viewers today. The highest-
After nearly 5,000 episodes have been broadcast around the world, talk shows in television history will come to an end.
The early days of the show were sometimes rubbish and tabloids, just like the competitive dramas of Sally Jesse Raphael and Montel Williams.
Oprah shared some of her cheating stories, but later developed a talk show of transformation.
Angel networks, Oprah\'s Book Club, and Dr. Phil\'s spin --off show (
We can\'t forgive her for that. .
In the last week of the episode, Oprah will get a star --studded send-
Beyonce, Madonna, Tom Hanks and Steve Wangda and others left in a special tribute show.
In a few months, we\'ll be seeing the final episode here, but we\'ll now review the show that everyone is talking about.
It\'s going to bother Tom Cruise until the day he died. -
As he jumped onto Oprah\'s yellow sofa to celebrate his love for Katie Holmes, he fell into madness.
The video quickly went viral and became part of popular culture, but it\'s not good news for Tom Cruise\'s career ---the sofa-
The jump triggered a series of bad propaganda that he still hasn\'t recovered from.
Oprah is close to her best friend and editor, Gail King. at-
In her magazine, hit the road with her
Country trip in 2006.
Viewers watch to see what their friendship is like and if there is any truth about the Internet rumors it won\'t go away ---
The two are gay.
With viewers at Oprah studios nervously waiting for the Simpson murder trial verdict on 1995, the cameras began to play.
When the acquittal was issued, about a dozen women stood up and praised the verdict.
The rest were shocked and frustrated, but soon got together for a heated debate that revealed the racial relationship in the United States.
Jumping up and down, screaming and crying greeted 276 members that Oprah announced at the start of the 19 season
A brand new Pontiac car attracted a large audience.
You have to give it to Oprah. -
This is the mother of all the propaganda generators on her show.
How Oprah stays calm when a countryman uses n-
In the discussion about race, we are still not sure.
The comment was made in a show she filmed in Forsyth County, Georgia, in 1987, which aims to understand why the county does not have a black residence (
Haven\'t been there since 1912).
Last year, at Oprah\'s Sydney Opera House, Australian star Hugh bravely chose to pull the line in the crowd.
Hugh managed to hit a lighting device at high speed and his eyes were hurt ---
It may be worse, though.
Even the best interviewer had a bad day, and Oprah found her sitting with Elizabeth Taylor, which she thought was a frank discussion.
Liz apparently did not receive the memo because she gave a short grumpy answer and would not talk about her eight marriages.
Obviously, she was in a bad state because of hip pain that day.
As writer James Frey discovered in 2006, you don\'t want to drive Oprah crazy.
His book, millions of small articles, was selected for Oprah\'s Book Club, but was later found to be partly fictional.
Oprah put him on the show and beat him up in an interview Larry King called \"destruction.
Oprah can get almost any-
Lister continues her show, but getting the King of Pop to agree to an interview is a huge coup.
Oprah took a serious look at his eccentric life, his appearance and his strange growth experience.
Jacko comes out of the show and looks a bit unquirky, but seems to be the loneliest person in the world. Poor old Oprah. -
She has weight.
The world has been watching you for 25 years.
But as early as 1988, she thought she had finally succeeded.
She launched a red pickup truck that showed a plastic bag with 67 lbs of fat ---
She lost as much weight in four months of fast food.
But the fat quickly piled up.
Within two days, the thin --
The jeans she wore on the show were no longer buckled.
Oprah reflected on the episode, \"No one knew at the time that it would be the most watched show in the history of our show ---
Fat in the carriage
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