opinion: jersey city mayor looking to replace volunteers at landmark theater

by:Marslite     2019-09-13
The person in charge of Leve\'s non-profit organization friend Colin iGen theater website updates followers of the old movie palace in Jersey City Journal Square, telling about the future of landmarks in the eyes of the new city government.
Things don\'t seem to change much.
This article links to galleries after past and theater photos.
Here\'s what Egan released on Tuesday.
We have a lot of concerns that the investigation is going on (
Jersey Theater, Leve Landmark)
But we don\'t make a general statement because we hope that the bad things that seem to be happening are actually just a misconception.
But unfortunately, the situation is getting worse and worse.
So now we have no choice but to spread information about what the city is trying to do.
We ask you to continue reading and pass it on to your friends.
A few months ago, assistant to Mayor Steven M.
Fulop began to enter the theater without giving any notice to Leff\'s friends (FOL)
, Brush past our staff and volunteers, or come when we are not present at all, and visit \"experts\" and potential management companies.
City staff and their \"guests\" are free to operate and play FOL-during this process-
Our own devices, including our projectors and stage lights.
The city then announced that it would seek advice on the following:
The profit company will replace the FOL in Operation Loff.
In fact, the mayor has gone backwards: in the face of major construction problems, very little money, which has been the guarantee of Loew, the lack of foresight in the city, the inability or unwillingness to fulfill the commitment to support its own construction.
We still want to find a way for Mayor Fulop to understand this and work with Fulop.
But according to what he said to us, it is important to ensure that our customers, supporters and the public understand what the FOL has done and what is being done, despite the lack of committed support and cooperation, how we try to move forward.
Let\'s first remember what FOL has to do in order for Loff to open Loff again.
We \'ve put together a gallery of \"front and back\" photos that dramatically document the extraordinary efforts of our volunteers to re-open Loew\'s work.
We hope you can take a moment to come and have a look here.
As you can see, when we convinced the City of Jersey that it should save Leff, rather than dismantle Lefu as required by the city policy, the theater has been closed for seven years and is completely unusable.
It does not have any effect: short circuit, missing lamp;
Pipe burst, radiator burst;
The old stage lights did not work, the stage rigging did not move, there were no curtains, and the screen was scratched;
Garbage is everywhere on the stage.
The dressing room was in ruins;
The screening hall was bombed;
Remove this organ;
The auditorium was divided into an ugly seat --rock walls;
Wear the seat and cover it on the mold;
Paint flaking everywhere;
Everything is dirty.
The city bought Loew because it knew it would take at least $4 million to get it back on and running to a minimum.
But the city did not want to spend the money, initially planning to \"seal up\" Lefu-the theater will remain closed and forgotten in the practical sense.
Instead, FOL helped Jersey City Economic Development to win a $1 million state protection Grant and managed to convince the reluctant city to provide the required competition.
JCEDC, not the FOL, was given the responsibility to spend $2 million on new boilers and external repairs, which would \"stabilize\" the I of Loff. e.
To avoid further decay.
But that is far from enough for Loff to open the door again.
The city should work with JCEDC to set up a steering committee and make blue-
The Ribbon plans to raise the remaining funds needed to reopen the Loff hotel-but has never done so. And in a Catch-
22, the city said that it would not give the city another penny until Loff reopened, which is something that there is no money to do.
At that time, it had no responsibility or power to Loff ---
This provides a way out of this dead end, creates a unique voluntary labor program and raises our own funds for supplies to carry out large-scale repairs that the city refuses to pay.
We think our photos show that this is not only a small sweep and patch, as city officials sometimes try to imply.
This is a massive startup and sweat asset, an extraordinary investment by FOL and our civil spirit volunteers, the city\'s resources and funding for buildings that are but unwilling to take care.
Ironically, in a recent \"trip\" by Loff, a representative of a company that the city hopes to replace FOL said Loff was in much better shape than Loff\'s king in Brooklyn (
Repair is in progress, $90 million is needed, mainly from New York City)
An assistant to the mayor happily agreed that our Loew was in a \"very good\" state \".
\"The reason why the assistant of Gallup said this is because of the achievements we have made so far.
Leve\'s friends have not only enabled the theater to re-open for limited events, but have maintained this state since then, and we have demonstrated dedication, determination, tact, organizational ability, reliability, the professional spirit and community base required to ensure the success of the company\'s recovery and continuous operation.
However, our re-opening of Loew\'s work is far from the only reason why Loff really guarantees Loff. In a follow-
Up the news, we will talk about how we can keep Loff open for ten years, despite the fact that the city did not provide the support it promised and acknowledged the need for anyone to provide support to try to operate Loff.
Please keep an eye on more information and please help spread this information at the same time.
Editor\'s note: The mayor of Jersey, Steve Gallup, will deliver his first City speech tonight.
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