one man star wars - charles ross

by:Marslite     2019-09-18
Why would someone put themselves in more than six minds?
When you can get the Star Wars trilogy in a neat, enjoyable, frustrating movie clip, numbing hourssized one-hour package?
The one man Star Wars show is just as miraculous as the original trilogy.
Seeing Ross create a parallel universe on stage, being alone can be said to be more awe-inspiring --
More inspiring than the lightsaber battle between the Lord of the Sith and the Jedi Masters.
No costumes, no props, no music, and above all, no competition, the energetic Canadian has mastered his position in the grandstand Galaxy
The comedy is rocked with a simple theater and serves on ice.
To appreciate this masterpiece Lord of the rings, you don\'t have to be a storm cavalry and fans can be prepared for next year\'s installment as it will certainly be equally impressive.
Rose made buzz Luman\'s achievements for sound effects, music scores and about 10 + characters for the film.
He crossed the astronomical line and made a charming, real script (
Have some comedy interjections at the right time)
It is worth an Oscar.
The charm of the show is that Ross is obviously passionate about his theme, but not rigid enough to take himself too seriously.
His goal is to help people embrace the magic in Star Wars, which he manages without sweating. . .
Well, he is, but what do you expect when he\'s five leading characters, voice technicians and props masters?
Venue: Theatre Royal Short Film: are we right with no forced star quality?
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