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1998 Tony nomination candidate Rick leemmay is about to close the \"Golden Boy\" and David Henry Huang memory drama has attracted one of Tony\'s four best drama nominations, beating David Mamay\'s old neighbor and David Hale\'s kiss of Judah will, among other things, be closed on Sunday, just a week before the Tony Awards are announced.
\"I don\'t know what to say, we just don\'t have the resources to go on,\" said Benjamin modkay, one of the producers of the show . \".
\"This is reality.
Our investors have always been great and have always supported the show and it works well, but the show itself is not important.
We don\'t have more money.
\"It\'s a crowded spring for Broadway theater. But Mr.
\'I don\'t want to think the show is too crowded to attract the audience,\' Mr. Mordecai said.
He continued: \"There are more people watching theater on Broadway this year than many years, and that\'s what we want.
We just don\'t have enough positioning in the minds of the audience.
Before Sunday, the show will feature 88 performances on Broadway, eight of which are premiers.
In addition to the best drama nomination, it has also been nominated for select actresses (
Julyana Soelistyo)
Clothing Design (
Martin parkdinas).
To get the best drama, it is competing with \"art\", \"Beauty Queen of leenane\" and \"Monster.
Mr. advertising.
Mordecai said that he asked the Schubert Organization, which owns the \"Golden Boy\" theater, in order to keep him in the position of the set before the Tony Award at the Radio City concert hall in June 7.
\"I did not load the set,\" said the gentleman. Mordecai said.
\"It will stay in the theater until the Tony Award. Who knows?
Miracles can happen.
Polite return?
Until the 1950s, theaters often offer \"professional prostitutes\" to others in the industry \".
Theater professionals only need to show their union card at the box office and get a ticket for free if there is one.
Then the price rises and the practice is gradually abandoned.
Senior producer Alexander H said: \"The situation is that people working in this industry can\'t even afford to go to the theater, not real workers . \"Cohen. He has a plan. Mr.
Cohen has just begun to push for a plan to return to \"professional courtesy.
So far, the response, mainly from the unions, has been very positive.
Actor Equity Executive Director Alan Eisenberg says he is passionate about supporting the program and intends to bring it up with the American theater and producer Alliance.
\'I think it\'s an educational program,\' he said.
\"There are things that you can\'t learn in class or in the workshop and can only be learned by going to the theater. \'\'Mr.
Cohen\'s plan is for theater professionals. -
Including actors, musicians, stage players, etc. -
Will be allowed to purchase any unsold tickets to participate in the show for $5, which will be donated to a charity that benefits the industry.
He said that the penalty point can be solved later, such as when the ticket can be bought and who will manage the project.
\"I don\'t want to manage it\" ads. Cohen said.
\"I just wanted to believe that I had done something for the industry to help young people before I started. \'\'Mr.
Cohen was so excited about the idea that he didn\'t want to cover it up by talking about his next project.
But he gave in.
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Last weekend, he began rehearsals at the theater in New York for a new work in Othello, in Othello, in next February.
\"A short list of potential Othellos and directors has been drawn up, Sir
Pacino promised to join the project shortly after finishing a new film by Oliver Stone. Cohen said. Mr.
Pacino wants a theater where he can rehearse until he is sure the film is ready and then perform for a paid audience in the same space.
He is a very demanding actor. Cohen said.
But let\'s face it. he\'s worth it.
\"10 years ago, a dream-backer, Freeman, started doing research for the show she wanted to do about the great blues singer Dana Washington.
\"I think I can write it myself,\" she said . \"\'\'I couldn\'t. I wasn\'t ready.
\"In the end, she hooked up with writer Oliver goldstrack.
The result is the musical \"Dana is\" starring Ms. Dana.
Freeman received warm comments outside Broadway this spring and will move to the Gramercy Theater on East 23d Street.
\"This is my dream and it will continue to live,\" she said . \".
\"I want to see it perform across the country and across Europe.
I think this is the best work for black singers. actress.
It will survive.
\"Advertisementit has not finished all the separate rooms outside the latest theater on Broadway, Daryl Roth Theatre, which is located in the former bank building on 15 th Street and Union Square.
But that\'s exactly the way the producers of Villa want it.
Jeffrey Seller, Kevin McCollin, David bind and Ms.
The production of the Argentine troupe La Guada brought by Ross (Announced GWARda)
Into space, 40-
No seats, no seats. That\'s O. K.
Because most of the performances are carried out from a structure suspended in space, the audience is in the entire 65-minute show.
Villa \"(pronounced VEE-jhah VEE-jhah)
Yesterday was the first preview of the show, but the delay in construction forced the date to be postponed until June 9 and officially opened on June 16.
The show is described as a sensory experience in which music and rhythm are mixed with lights and acting clips.
As the show went on, the walls and ceilings of the theater fell off, revealing images of all sides, and the moving platform was also winding in and out of the audience, forcing people to move out of the way.
\"It\'s not verbal, there\'s no storyline, so there\'s no language barrier,\" he said . \"Seller said.
\"But the show will actually take advantage of every inch of this space.
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