on becoming a leading “word artist” on stage and page: how to aspire2 – part i

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As a speaker, writer and leader I have always wanted to follow in my mind --
At least understand and hope to follow Nobel\'s example.
The \"elegant and simple\" words of award-winning scientist Albert Szent Gyorgyi are: \"Creativity is to see what others see and think about what others don\'t think!
\"With originality as a framework, form, and function, what are the key skills and strategies to explore new performance possibilities, generate effective ideas, whether on stage or on the page, inspire others and reinforce my creative output as a word artist?
Actually, I came up with another concept.
And performance-
An overview of temperament and tools, techniques and strategies to enhance imagination, and the acronym for innovation and connectivity. (
You know I\'m an original, self-Charter member
Announced the establishment of the AA group of \"anonymous initials Acronyms words! ”)
All you have to do is desire. . .
For me, acting attacks are characterized by \"showing determination, energy and initiative. ” (
It is all defined by the Microsoft Encyclopedia Dictionary. )
You want to challenge the traditional status quo of comfort and exhaustion.
Attack with performance: focus and focus, ignite the mind
Professional athletes often emphasize two words: Physical chemistry ignites passion, relieves pain, strengthens purposeful thinking, enhances motivation and discipline, breaks the chain of habits, and strengthens commitment, courage and creativity, do your best to be \"positive\" and \"focused \".
\"Showing attacks is not just about getting you out of trouble;
It can help you face risks. s. (“be safe”)
Deliver information while driving the construction of new frameworks and methods.
As Pablo Picasso, the artistic genius, pointed out, \"every creative act is first and foremost a destructive act.
Destruction first means breaking the self --
The boxes and closets of justice and rigidity, fear and cold limit the ability of the brain to ignore, explore and soar. (
Of course, a big challenge is to learn to reject everything.
Consume fire when no longer on your platform or entering your platform. )Accessible.
\"Accessibility\" means: 1)
\"Easy access or contact with the body; 2)
Able to be appreciated or understood without expertise; and 3)
Be able to acquire, use, or experience without difficulty.
Synonyms for Roget include approachable, warm and open.
As a writing artist, especially when presenting to a live audience, a key performance challenge is to refine complex materials into concrete and scattered ideas and images with substance and style, such
Keep their attention and anticipation (e. g.
I love being \"impatient\" and having people sit on the edge of their seats wondering what this \"psychohumorist\" is™Do or say next), 2)
Enter the world of your concept and \"hands-on\", 3)
Quickly grasp and start applying core information-skill elements.
In the case of super-active, it is especially important to discard interesting but unimportant things, \"do more with less things,\" TNT-\"time, numbers, and tasks \"-driven – world.
Instead, I need to welcome surprising and opposite ideas, tools, and key feedback when someone tries to generate new views and methods (
It\'s not that the old self is occasionally irresistible or hit).
Indeed, research on problem solving has shown that different groups are more likely to generate creative ideas than homogeneous groups.
The former team should work harder to translate misconceptions and conflicts into positive energy --
More authentic communication, thus eliminating the abc in thinking assumptions, eye masks, and conventions.
Pragmatic philosopher John Dewy, the father of American public education, pointed out that conflict is the cow fly of thought.
It stimulates us to observe and remember.
It keeps us from falling asleep. like passivity.
It prompts us to invent, to pay attention to and to invent.
Conflict is a necessary condition for reflection and intelligence.
By understanding, processing, and merging different points of view, you will generally provide momentum for a new solution.
Similar to participation in diversity, there is another aspect of accessibility that is particularly important for unusual performance: acknowledging your own mistakes, emotionally immersed in pain, analyzing mistakes, then go back to the saddle and explore and consolidate new learning.
As Adam golpnik points out in the Book of Angels and times: a short book about Darwin, Lincoln, and modern: repetition is the law of nature, but it is a change (
Such as biological mutations or errors
Induced Adaptation)
Is the norm of life.
Symbols and synthetic symbols.
A powerful wordsmith tool is symbolic thinking.
A \"symbol\" is: 1)
Something that represents or represents something else, especially an abstract object \"; and 2)
In \"Psychoanalysis, objects or behaviors that represent impulses or desires in the repressed unconscious mind.
For example, in my lyrics \"restructuring Rag\"™(
Email stressdoc @ aol. com for a copy)
I put the power of reorganization or reduction (RIF)
Another uncertain, high-risk environment: work is now a casino, a high-tech RIF raffle.
Casino and hi-tech RIF sweepstakes are capturing abstract symbols, waiting on the edge, often \"out of control\", the quality of \"wings and prayers\" in today\'s workplace, someone who can feel like a winnerlosers (RIF RAFF)
Gambling environment.
Whether it is an unconscious impulse representing an invisible abstract idea or intuition (e. g.
My \"restructuring rag\" symbol for the transformation from a \"Ragdi Ann\" victim to an important individual who no longer represses burning anger-\"release the Rambo or blue inside you
Analogy is a dynamic cognition.
Emotional tools, used to \"compare two things that are similar to each other to a certain extent, usually used to help explain something or make it easier to understand.
\"Analogies help with accessibility! Synthesis.
Another powerful cognitive tool is the process of \"synthesis-combining different ideas, influences, or objects into a new unified whole.
Synonyms include mixture, fusion, combination, and mixing.
Synthesis is often produced by the tension between contradictory views-propositions and opposites.
If you can stick to this tension and chaos and think through it, then the reward may be worth it.
Anxiety can ignite the right brain of your brain, can trigger images and analogies of metaphors, as well as surprising and contradictory visual pun, and can even produce a dynamic concept that will all
Here is a tension between seemingly opposing propositions about how creative and comprehensive \"Aha!
\"Back in my early 90 s, I wrote some rap music --
Love the lyrics of the Black Beauty pageant theme song. (Don\'t ask.
I try poetry on a regular basis, including a blue number called \"exhausted Buji.
\"One morning, shortly after my noble beauty contest, when I woke up, I began to punish myself: I was a university professor, a psychologist (thesis)
. . . . . . What do I try to write rap lyrics (antithesis)?
The flash of Blazing intense dispelled the haze of my drowsiness.
When the fog rises, there is a mystery (
If not hysterical.
Concept Vision;
The catalyst for my pioneering efforts in the field of psychological humor rap music.
I\'m no longer just playing in the field of dreams: \"If you write and\" Shrink Rap\"™They will come \"(
Creative synthesis).
Over the next 12 months, I started writing a series of rap lyrics.
Email stressdoc @ aol.
Any and all com. )
Obviously, my goal in life has a contradictory tendency: to be a wise person, to be a wise person.
Again, this is a very good recipe for a cutting-edge thinker, leader and budding \"psychological humorist\"™!
P = sad and interesting.
The word \"Poignant\" has two different but interrelated meanings: \"1)
Causing intense grief, pity, regret, and even physical pain; and 2)
Keen insight-particularly sharp, effective or relevant.
\"The connection between these two definitions has been made by John Hopkins psychologist, author of the famous book\" contact with Fire: Manic Depression and artistic temperament \"Kay Redfield ·In her psycho-
Jamison pointed out that creative writers and painters often cycle emotionally in historical studies.
Of course, as her title shows, a strong mood of instability can cause damage.
Deep sadness, melancholy, and sadness, however, may also force these people to observe the deep and dark complexities, highs, and lows of human nature, reflect on the subtle gray shadows of life with higher sensitivity and vision.
See my poetry paragraph on the power of the revival of sorrow as a semantic bridge to the above \"bitterness\" change: whether loss is a key figure, a desired position or a powerful illusion, everyone deserves the respect of mourning.
The pit in the stomach, the clenched fist and the trembling chin, and the painful crying in time proved to be catalytic.
In a mysterious way, like the spring of winter, the dissolved seeds will bear a fruitful renewal.
How did spiritual people come to Earth and soar again?
This sentence-like text?
To rise from the ashes, Phoenix must know the pain of turning fire into a burning desire!
As a writer and performance artist, I try to attract people\'s attention by depicting the \"bitter\" picture and rhythm narrative full of human suffering.
At the same time, I hope to penetrate and demonstrate the critical power of shaping the human mind, interpersonal relationships and social culture.
Synonymous with \"bitterness\"-touch, emotion, touch, pain, sadness, tenderness and influence-is the meaning and purpose of word smith.
When an idea or image is painful (
Or evoke harsh memories)
Forcing us to look at and feel more deeply or broadly, including the horizon of unimaginable possibilities or pathways, this sharp statement is \"provocative \", it\'s like the provoc derived in France that inspires curiosity, excitement, or challenge, to act.
The last \"p\"
The \"pain and bitterness\" and \"perception and provocation\" of words in emotion and semantics, words and performance art circles are passion.
When the word \"Passion\" is heard, direct associations are often \"strong or overwhelming emotions such as love, happiness, hatred, or anger.
However, a provocative \"s \"-
The word passion is often overlooked.
For example, when I asked the audience to associate the word \"passion\" freely, \"s \"-
There was news . . . . . . \"Soap opera.
No, of course it\'s sex \".
While the most popular \"s\" in Washington, D. C \"-
The word passion is Senator \".
But then Bill Clinton ruined my joke. ; -)
In fact, the surprising \"s \"-
The word passion is neither sex nor soap nor Senator . . . . . . It is \"painful\", as in the play of passion, from the Last Supper to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, more generally, the suffering of the martyrs. (
Imagine I never knew my Jewish mother was such a passionate woman. )
Hopefully my brief discourse of pain, bitterness and the literal \"passion\" of the Bible reveals Charlie Chaplin\'s contradictory truth about the relationship between comedy and tragedy: the contradiction of comedy lies in, it was the tragedy that caused antics.
In the face of natural power, we have to laugh in order not to go crazy, because we are desperate.
In fact, for me, the tension between the concept of \"comedy and tragedy\", \"bitterness and fun\" of this performing artist ultimately inspires a vital mind --, heart-and soul-driven – (
Relative to rigidity, obsession, or arrogance)passion.
Strong soulmates are bitter and passionate when you try to capture or inspire.
Francois La ruchefka, a 17th-century French classical writer, observed (
The prosperity of Kay Redfield Jamison: Passion for Life, Landon House, 2004)
\"Passion is the only speaker who can convince you.
They are like a natural act, and the rules are absolutely correct;
The simplest person with passion is more convincing than the person without passion.
At the same time, Jamison highlighted the ability of a dynamic commander who was able to use his passion to connect with the suffering of the people and unite a divided or frustrated group, organization or country: \"inspiring leadership provides energy and hope in places where little or no existence exists, giving those who lose their future a belief in the future, and provide a unified spirit for the divided people.
Or quote a more popular motto from a salesperson: \"Logic tells us that passionate sales.
I believe the lower case letter \"poignant-passion-play” compels.
Remember, people are more willing to accept serious messages when it is a gift --
Full of humor. Playful.
The dictionary definition of \"fun\" may be in line with the popular understanding: \"like to have fun, like to play games with others;
Say or do it in a funny way or in a fun way \";
Synonyms like \"good -\"humored, light-hearted, good-
Good temper, naughty and lively.
However, I haven\'t realized yet how many common expressions begin with the word \"play\" or involve it once you take the word \"play\" out of the dictionary.
Nor can I imagine how various expressions of different connotations speak with the skills and strategies of versatile leaders and performers.
Consider these examples: \"Play \"(
Or the emotions of others)
, \"Play a role\" or \"a role-
Play \"and\" play by ear \"(
That is, have the ability to improvise, or, for example, really listen to the needs and interests of the collective when your project or project unfolds).
While a dynamic leader, artist, or educator wants to \"give full play to\" his or her mind and emotions, a savvy leader tends to know what to do, for strategic advantage,
\"I particularly like this usage-\" joking.
In my experience, \"naughty\" or a little bit of \"evil\"-two synonyms of Roget \"naughty\"-can be very attractive qualities.
Many people embrace or desire to show their inner child who is a little naughty, a little naughty or naughty (e. g.
Halloween costume for adults).
Or envy, even if it is done secretly.
Finally, my personal favorite is the \"Light and Shadow Game\", which definitely reflects my double feelings.
Nature and edge of the edge, forever
The changing world is filled with highs and lows and uncertain shadows and shadows.
Not just a lamp.
After heart, play has always been one of the greatest businesses to explore, socialize, combine and unify throughout the animal kingdom\'s evolutionary history.
Play has many functions:)
Give individuals the opportunity to learn group norms and boundaries, B)
C) allow innovative expansion and challenge of roles, rules and procedures
(D) encourage the development of skills and the exercise of imagination
Could be a learning lab for maturity and creativity in the field of work, friendship and love, e)
Often build a sense of identity between individuals and groupsand long-
Friendship and the term for building trust and teamwork, andf)
The game full of laughter is a game that is particularly effective in relieving stress and social harmony.
Of course, the game can also become an aggressive pursuit or obsession with \"winner-all\" or \"win at all costs (
Think of the use of steroids in various sports venues).
Now, \"playground\" begins to become \"battlefield \". ”A “Poignant-Passion-
The \"game\" leader has a sense of play that doesn\'t ignore her and his Renren.
She has a sympathetic understanding of complex and uncoordinated human nature and that we are all too imperfect and inconsistent creatures.
Even in the face of pain, stress, or danger, it creates an absurd feeling that can help people accept defects and shortcomings while affirming their fragile and important nature.
Fun surprises may even gently coaxing others beyond abc-\"assumptions, blinks, and conventions\"-comfort zones and bridging differences while exploring common emotions
Cultural connection.
As the psychiatrist Ernst Chris pointed out, \"What was once feared and now mastered is ridicule.
When the pressure doctor fell over, \"Once afraid, now it is no longer the master who is laughed!
The second part defines and explores the last three letters of ASPIRE2-\"I = image and irony, R = rhythm and rhythm, E = expression and excellence.
\"Before that . . . . . . Practice safety pressure!
Lic, LICSW, \"pressure doctor\" Mark Gao Jin™It is a licensed clinical social worker, a well-received keynote speaker and kick-off speaker, and a \"motivational humor and team communication catalyst\" known for its interaction \", provide inspiring and interesting projects for government agencies and large companies.
In addition, \"Doc\" is a team building and organizational development consultant.
He is providing \"stress and communication, as well as managing change, leadership and team building\" projects for FT 1st Cavalry Division and 13 Expedition Support Command.
Hood, Texas, and the FT\'s Army community service and Family Advocacy Program.
Doctor of Medicine and the Financial Times
Air Force Base/behavioral medicine services at belvava and Andrews.
Mark also served as a military and family life consultant (MFLC)at Ft. Campbell, KY.
Former US post department stress and violence prevention consultant, stress doctor is author of \"practice safety stress\" and \"four faces of anger. See his award-
USA Today\'s online \"popular website\" won the prize-www. stressdoc. com --
It is called \"workplace resources\" by the National Public Radio station \"(NPR).
For more information about the doctor\'s \"practice safety stress\" program or get his free email
Newsletter, email stressdoc @ aol. Or call 301-875-2567.
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