obituary: victoria’s denny gibbs rode disco wave to success

by:Marslite     2019-10-12
Danny Gibbs, considered a pioneer in Victoria\'s mobile music industry, died at the age of 74.
Gibbs, founder of Danny canned music, died.
His family said he received treatment for complications of prostate cancer at the sanitchi Peninsula palliative care center.
After being diagnosed with dementia in June 2015, he has lived in the Brentwood house in Brentwood Bay.
Gibbs and his first wife Wendy denterro founded Danny\'s canned music company in 1972 and started the business from a family
The sound system was set up to take off at the dawn of the disco era.
Until 2014, his team sent \"canned music\" to the venue around Grand Victoria.
\"He\'s the guy,\" recalled menial Murray Boyce, who said Gibbs helped him get into the sound industry and passed on extra to Boyce when he set up his own company.
\"He\'s just a very depressed person. to-
Earth people are very caring and compassionate.
He will always help you if you need an extra microphone or speaker, \"said Boyce, 68. The Toronto-
The born entertainer offers DJs and recorded music at social events for weddings, school dances, nightclubs and large events.
\"He\'s an idol,\" said Daryl Marin, who met Gibbs at the Jaycee fair at Memorial Arena in late 1970.
\"One time I was stuck at the wedding in Arbutus Ridge, I had a problem with my amp and Denny drove me to buy a new amp.
He\'s a class actor.
Markin also set up his own company, recalling how Gibbs often started his episodes with Fox, Sweet\'s 1975 rock classic.
\"He would play rabbit jumping and somehow get away,\" Markin said . \".
\"I don\'t know how long he was.
The 70-year-old hair boy did it.
Gibbs also toured the nightclub, taking his music to the brass railings of the old Colonial Motel and the Amity lounge, where he ran a music trivia night.
He let the crowd dance at a nightclub in New York. now Sugar)
There, he also designed a light show at the square of Sidney\'s tourist hotel and the thatched house of the Royal Oak Tree.
At the forge factory at the stracona hotel, when Forbes brothers Larry and John took a break, he provided canned music.
Larry Forbes\'s son, Michael, a real estate agent and broadcaster in Victoria, met Gibbs through his father.
Michael Forbes worked with Danny\'s canned music for two years over the weekend
1980 s, take a van with sound equipment to perform in schools, dance and night clubs.
\"This is the peak of his success in town,\" Forbes said . \".
\"Live music was king at the age of 60 and 70, but Danny somehow replaced the work of live musicians who were secretly unhappy that he had done so well.
Forbes said Gibbs launched music videos such as Michael Jackson\'s Thrace, which were recorded on VHS tapes.
Leasa Robson, 52year-
Gibbs and Wendy denterro\'s old daughter said Gibbs also works part-time
In his later years, he worked as a meat knife in the center of the mountainside.
The profession he is engaged in.
Dantello said Gibbs was working at White Point on Douglas Street when the two met in the 1960 s.
Later, he worked at Cross\'s meat and Safeway.
\"But music is his soul,\" said dantoro, whose marriage lasted until 1978.
Her manager at White Spot helped Gibbs build a stereo system, she said.
He started his business by providing music to the volunteer fire department in Sydney and helped raise funds for the couple\'s club of relatives who belonged in the 1960 s.
Gibbs is the son of Francis Gibbs, a professional saxophone player who, in the name of Tommy Gibbs, works with Mosi Whitney, Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey
Their family stayed in inToronto and Banff, and the senior Gibbs performed at the Royal York Hotel and the Banff Springs Hotel.
Douro says Gibbs likes to talk about his time dancing with Marilyn Monroe.
That was in 1953, when Gibbs was not a teenager, Monroe filmed \"no rivers\" in Banff.
\"He just invited Marilyn to dance, and she was very kind,\" said Dentro . \".
She said Gibbs also made friends with Tommy retich, the child star who played Lacey\'s first master on TV.
Francis Gibbs got a job at the Princess Hamilton Hotel in Bermuda, the family moved with him, and Danny went to private school.
Robson says her father cherishes the years in Bermuda.
After Francis Gibbs\'s contract with the hotel expired, the family moved back to Toronto.
\"It crashed my father because he thought Bermuda was a cat\'s meow,\" she said . \".
Dandy said Gibbs had a burger. and-
The milkshake \"Beach Cottage\" on West saniqi Road is accompanied by a plastic palm tree and the sand he used to transport in his truck.
\"His heart has been in Bermuda,\" she said . \"
Gibbs met his second wife, Judy Patterson, as a waiter at Princess Mary\'s old shop on Harbor Road.
Paterson, 74, said: \"He is a musician. he has been bothering me to go out . \" He pointed out that his sense of humor had won her support.
They got married in 1995, but separated a few years later.
Former owner of Princess Mary, Bill Lang, said Gibbs\'s impact on Victoria\'s social and music scene should not be underestimated.
\"He kept the music alive.
There is a man, my God, who will stop to help you no matter how tired he is, \"Lang recalled.
Lang said Gibbs\'s annual Halloween party at Mary was a legendary, overcrowded social event.
Gibbs also spent a few days decorating venues for themed costumes such as St. Basil
Valentine\'s Day massacre 1983
John Pang, who has been in the electronics business in Victoria since 1983, has been repairing audio and lighting for Gibbs for years.
\"He used 45 s and then he developed from vinyl tape to Beta tape, from that to CDs,\" Pang said . \".
Gibbs is also passionate about rocking and Latin dancing.
In 1999, the swing City was created with dance coach John de fiver.
They hold dance activities and workshops at the Edelweiss Club.
Former \"early mayor\" Barry Bowman of CFAX said that when both men were single in early 1980, he and Gibbs shared an apartment in James Bay.
\"Living with night owls like Danny made us the perfect weird couple,\" recalls Bowman . \" He started the radio class at 5 in the morning. m.
\"We hardly ever met because he would go home when I was going to work.
Bowman said he was always impressed by Gibbs\'s \"presumptuous energy,\" and he was good at designing innovative ways of entertainment, especially at his legendary Halloween party, and his positive attitude.
Dentro added: \"Of course he knows how to live in the present moment, to fully enjoy life and to make the most of any situation.
\"Mreid @ time colonists.
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