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Rafael Arthur Salaman, dictionary ographer by craftsman
Tools: barley, born on April 24, 1906 in Haford County;
Marriage 1934 Miriam polyanski (
One son, three daughters);
Died in December 31, 1993.
Bernard Myers wrote: \"His work is worth standing with didroo . \"A.
Salaman\'s large Dictionary of Woodworking Tools, published in 1975.
Although the French encyclopedia is also a scholar, this tribute reflects the outstanding and unique contribution of Rafael saraman to the study of tools for British craftsmen.
After 1986 of his first book was a leather Dictionary. working Tools.
Miles praised: \"A lot of meticulous research has been done on our local crafts. . .
But only saraman has the tools and technology to support the entire 18 th. and 19th-century life.
Highly praised by artisans from another genre.
Rafael Salaman died at the age of 87 on New Year\'s Eve in haupendon.
He is the fourth of the six children of Dr. Radcliffe saraman Forrest and his wife Nina (nee Davis), a well-
Famous writers and poets of her time.
Therefore, he is a descendant of an old man.
Jewish families with many connections to art and literature.
With the publication of the history and social impact of potatoes (1949)
His father became the main authority of this humble but important vegetable, and his learned book remains the standard work on the subject.
History and Description of craftsman\'s hand
Rafael Salaman, as the subject of his long-term research, may have unconsciously followed his father\'s example of raising seemingly simple and ordinary daily necessities to the field of academic research.
But this is typical of saraman\'s attitude towards life.
He is not a cult of wealth and power, but he is very respectful of artisans and their products.
He wants to know how things are done.
Bernard Myers asked, \"What is the balance between the two hands that pull or push, bend or twist, stretch or compress each other, adding up to the finished product?
Unlike most British Jewish families, saraman lives in the country, and Raphael tells how he used to study the production of tools by observing the craftsmen of barley in his village when he was a child, in Harford County
Those days have passed, and if you can find a village craftsman other than the occasional trotters, you will be lucky today, and even he is no longer stationary, it was traveling around in his van.
Saraman just caught up to catch it before it went extinct and saved its hand --
Before tools, they were scattered and forgotten.
His eldest brother, MH Salaman, recalled that at the age of 10, Raphael had developed a broad interest in antiquities.
He is the leader and peacemaker of three of our fossil brothers.
Hunting and brass
Friction adventure
He is the only one of us who has organized the classification and indexing of our collections.
The little boy, who was shown to Professor Flinders picri at the University College, was long remembered in the Egyptian department.
In Cambridge, after graduating from beta Rice School, where he later became governor, Salaman read Engineering (
At the request of his father, the father discouraged him from reading archaeology as he wished)
And won the reputation of the stage lighting experts.
After going down the mountain, he set up his own lighting project in the South
But when the second world war came, he transferred his skills to Mark and Spencer, where he was hired to organize the fire at the company --
Battle and air
Precautions for raids
He was chosen as a Labor MP for Paddington, and when he moved to haben, he became the governor of St. George\'s school.
Throughout his life, he has been focusing on researching and collecting the hands of artisans --
He published two outstanding dictionaries, which he eventually published.
They won wide acclaim.
When the work of carpentry appeared in 1975, Sir Joseph Needham, then Master of Gonville and Caius College, wrote in his preface: rafael Salaman belongs to the lineage of those scholars and educated people who do not despise handmade crafts practiced in this different culture.
What they despise is traditional class values.
Social stratification.
Ignoring all of these obstacles, they wholeheartedly describe the type and name of tools and machines used daily in merchant technical operations.
Needham recalled how he worked with Salaman at the beginning of the Christian era to write two papers on the Chinese wheel Wright art, and he was pleased to bring the academic and attribution work days: engineering Department from Cambridge Mark & Spencer Limited, Gunville and Keus College.
In addition to his two dictionaries, these two dictionaries have become the standard works of many countries and are a proper commemoration of this extraordinary work, the humble and lovely son of Hartford will find fully equipped in the vast array of tools displayed by his designed St. Albans City Museum and the Wheeler Wright store at the London Science Museum.
Whether his achievements in his research field will be equalled, let alone surpassed, is questionable.
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