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nylander, backstrom ready to renew rivalry in stadium series

by:Marslite     2019-10-07
For those looking outside, it will be a magical theater, an outdoor stage under the lights, and the Washington capital and Toronto Maple Leaf will perform in front of more than 30,000 people in the stands.
For the Maple Leaf center, however, this is just another environment he is trying to make the Swedish people and the Capital Center better.
Whether it\'s playing table tennis at the home of the nairland family more than a decade ago, or playing hockey in front of a national television audience, whenever Backstrom is an opponent, competing juices flow at Nylander\'s fever court.
This is the face of Nylander and Maple Leaf --
As part of the Navy\'s 2018 Kors light NHL Stadium Series against Baxter Roma and the capital
Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis, Maryland, Saturday (8 p. m.
\"It will be so cool and exciting.
\"I\'m excited,\" Nylander said this week . \".
The atmosphere will be good.
In fact, we are playing [Backstrom\'s]
The team just added it.
\"The distance between Washington, D. C. C.
Annapolis is only 32 miles away.
For Nylander, this is a journey that has been going through for more than ten years.
When Backstrom came to the capital as a rookie in 2007, he had no place to live at first.
The father of Washington veterans Michael Neeland and William, before Beckstrom found his place, welcomed the young Nicklas into his home.
Michael Neeland has six children, which can sometimes cause trouble for a chaotic family.
Many nights, when Michael is cooking in the kitchen, Baxter Rohm and young William will fight fiercely on the ping-pong table downstairs, one of his passions.
\"Michael took care of me,\" Beckstrom recalled earlier this season . \".
\"He always welcomes me to go home with his family. It was awesome.
\"One thing Nylander tots has been in their mind all the time.
\"Whether it\'s table tennis or hockey, we want to beat him . \"
Because William was only 10 years old at the time, Beckstrom often won no matter what game they played.
Nevertheless, young William will never give up.
More than a decade later, William Neeland narrowed the gap, almost without it.
Selected by Maple Leaf, numbered
In the 2014 NHL draft, Nylander ranked third in Toronto with 49 points (
14 goals and 35 assists)in 66 games.
3 more points than the Backstrom with 46 points (
15 goals, 31 assists)in 63 games.
After beating the maple leaf in the first round of six games in the East last season, Backstrom and Nylander became teammates of Sweden at 2017 World Hockey Championship and won the gold medal together.
Even if they win, their competitive power is revealed.
In an interview with a Swedish television station, the theme of their fierce table tennis match appeared. \"I kicked his [butt]
At least before that . \"
\"He thought he could beat me, but there was no chance.
Leaving this sentence aside, Nylander has always regarded Backstrom as a mentor, often watching him play and getting valuable advice on how to succeed in the NHL.
\"It\'s always cool to see him, you know,\" said Nylander, 21.
\"It\'s great to watch him play and keep him at home as he grows up.
\"Of course I saw him.
I might have done more when you looked at highlights and other things and tried to learn [a few years ago]from]him.
When asked what made Backstrom so special on the ice, Nylander immediately put forward his vision.
\"I think the way he saw the ice,\" said Niland.
\"He read the ice very well.
He knew where the ice hockey was going in the open space.
\"This is probably what he knows.
\"As for the 30-year-old Beckstrom, he was not surprised at the success of the inner Rand in the second league.
\"Not at all,\" said Backstrom . \".
\"He and his brothers and sisters were very competitive when they were so young.
\"You can see his determination to succeed.
In Annapolis on Saturday, the hockey community will also have a chance to see that.
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