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notes from seoul

by:Marslite     2019-08-29
No one knows what\'s going on in Korea.
This country\'s rags shocked economists around the world. to-
Wealth transformation.
Last month, I visited Korea for the first time and, like most of my first trips, I started in the capital, Seoul, where I spent the day.
Dance rhythm in Seoul.
At 03:30 in the morning, I walked to the ceiling --
High windows on the 15th floor of my room.
The light of the night lights trembled in the darkness, and in the sting of misleading charm, the artificial lighting TV tower on the mountain top of Nanshan continued to frequently send red, violet and Orange to the lukewarm night sky.
The loneliness inherited in the hotel room was a strange accompaniment.
First of all, it will give you a moment of quiet thought, but soon it will start to force you to gather and go out and explore.
Silent thought that a bed ready was still waiting when I came back.
So after watching the soft sparks of the street lights for nearly two hours, I decided to walk to the morning market.
The octopus of Dawn Dokkaebi market opened at the earliest 4 in the morning. m.
Plenty of fresh food for early morning people.
There are stalls selling octopus, deep
Fried things, dumplings.
There seemed to be very few vegetarian options offered, and although there might be some, the taste of the Sea cooled my hunger.
The market is raging and chaotic.
It\'s crazy and loud but for the first time it\'s an absolutely ideal experiencetimer in Korea.
Later that day, when I walked out of the house again, the sun came in from the windows on the roof, and the street soon returned to life.
I immediately noticed a surge in coffee shops.
I am on a street in the Itaewon district, and the entire street has a global coffee brand from time to time.
I walked into the family and ordered a cup of coffee and a croissant and tried to fail to talk to the barista.
She can\'t speak English and can\'t explain why Seoul is obsessed with coffee.
\"Maybe it\'s because it\'s very close to the US military base,\" said a voice behind me in perfect English.
I turned around to find another visitor to help explain.
\"You see, it\'s there,\" said the visitor, probably American, pointing to the window and seeing where the streets fit into the horizon.
\"There are American bases a mile from here.
All these coffee shops and brands cater to them.
Later that afternoon, drifting aimlessly in Myeongdong
Known for shopping and dining on the east side, I found coffee shops in every corner.
Through their windows, I found that they were all locals, which made me wonder what the Americans said to me.
In my opinion, Koreans like their Western counterparts to hang out in these cafes and enjoy a conversation with a glass of wine. The well-
Korean obsession with cosmetics is also hard to ignore.
There is a cosmetics shop in every corner, every ad potion and treatment (
Remove the freckles!
Polish the skin! ).
Not just sexy female interest;
The city is full of the same number of ads, flashing on neon lights --
Lighting screens, buses and subways targeting Korean men.
Obviously, Korean men use more cosmetics than other men in the world.
At dusk, I went to Hongda district, a handicraft market during the day and a disco area at night.
There are several karaoke bars where you can book private stalls.
Koreans are passionate about karaoke and it\'s impossible to miss these bars marked with flashing disco lights and K Beats
Pop music flooded the streets. Jet-
Lag hit me at last.
Only nine pence though. m.
The people around me seemed to be preparing for a party all night and I called a taxi back to my hotel room.
I have promised to go back.
Discover a city with its extreme passion for this potpourri-K-
Coffee and cosmetics.
Adrenaline surge
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