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northland centre aims to attract the horsey set

by:Marslite     2019-10-05
A rapidly growing equestrian center designed a stable and packed dance arena training facility for young riders in the middle
Northland has been sold on the market.
Freehold land and buildings at No. 12, Parry Road, Mangapai
South of Whangarei
Developed as a show in the last four years.
Jump site and short-
Business accommodation in Ma. The 4.
The 15ha hotel has three stables, a large adjacent high
As a sticky room facility, a 65 m x 35 m jumping arena, implementing sheds and workshops for potential configurations, and two Bay implementation sheds that can be used to store feed and maintain equipment.
The property and infrastructure assets will be auctioned by Whangarei Bayleys on March 31.
Sales staff Vinni Bhula and Catherine Stewart said the venue has a great opportunity to increase the number of horses that can be accommodated on site and to develop a regular customer for the use of the performing jump arena.
Bhula said an income analysis of the property\'s revenue potential showed that each stable income could be between $150
According to the level of service provided to tenant animals, $250 per week
From providing information to regular exercise and training programs.
\"In addition, there may be five or six horses in the paddock.
\"The generally recognized Cost of grazing and hosting horses outdoors is between $50 and $145 per week, once again depending on the level of animal services provided,\" Bhula said . \".
\"The Ranch of the whole hotel has been renovated.
Sowing in recent seasons with a specific horse-grass mixture to minimize the amount of Rye at your feet.
The paddock is separated by four different combinations.
Electric fence and wind-break hedging.
Bhula says the rental for the arena is $10.
$15 per horse per hour, or up to $60 per month in regular use contracts.
There is also a 122sq three-
The bedroom house and a large area are suitable for storing up to five floats for customers.
\"The flat terrain of the property facilitates the management of pasture grazing.
\"There is still plenty of room to increase the number of staff living on the property and to expand the existing stable infrastructure that could double the number of existing booths,\" he said: \"There is also room for increased coverage of training facilities. \".
\"While the establishment of the infrastructure that supports the equestrian business has been installed and put into operation, the opportunity is for the new owner to complete the potential of the venue.
\"No commercial entity has been established so far --
Let any new owners seek their expertise in this field.
Stewart says the most famous equestrian event in the North
TV character Zhao Wei Wilson, who is the protagonist of the reality TV show keeps pace with Kaimanawas-
Demonstrates the potential of the region to build a horsebased business.
Vicky Wilson\'s Showtym sports horse Equestrian Center is located in Hukerenui between Whangarei and the Bay of Islands. \"City-
Residents from Whangarei are increasingly looking to make the most of their personal entertainment time, to this extent,
More looking for \"lock up and leave\" valet-
Types of leisure services
Whether it\'s a boat or a car. . .
Or horse, \"said Stewart.
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