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nils frahm performance a potent overload of sight and sound

by:Marslite     2019-09-18
Friday, October 12, Niles Frum Hammer Hall, Melbourne arts center★★★★Niles Frum, who previously referred to playing music as his religion, had a hint of reverence from a huge crowd during his first Melbourne show 2014.
Before the 36-year-old Frum, the Hammer Hall was full of obvious expectations. year-
The old German composer and producer took the stage casually.
Black T-shirt, pants fit
Shirt and cover.
He sat with a smile on one of a dozen keyboards, twisting his fingers and starting to play the first song from his recent albums.
These different keyboards sit between a powerful hybrid amplifier, equalizer, and hybrid table used by Frum to create his electronic and more traditional classical sounds. State-of-the-
Art music equipment is crowded with pieces that may be part of the art device, but each piece does have practical uses.
Frum tells us how a friend helped one of his many electronic instruments to create a new organ sound a few years ago, but the result sounds more like pampis,
He was not disturbed by the results and found a way to mix the new tones with the old ones for a pleasing sound.
That\'s what Frahm did, just like the DJ mixed some songs together and he created something new.
Sometimes he also looks a bit like a mechanic, even popping up the top on one of his keyboards and fiddling around briefly inside.
Other times, he leaves the keyboard or piano, weaves around the amp or microphone, and finds the right tone elsewhere.
My friend forest, from the new album All melodies, from the early emphasis on mixed tones and more technical magic to a softer, more natural feel.
To put it simply, adding sounds that sound like a chorus is one of the rare times when the human voice penetrates into the music of Frum.
His focus is on the tone, the texture, the rhythm of the change, and of course the melody.
Occasionally, he would stop between songs and explain to the audience the thought process when he created the song.
This is a welcome insight, and his humor also gives us a better understanding of his attitude towards music.
Unlike an author who spent several years creating a book, frum looked a bit like he was finally freed from the room where he created all the melodies-except that he took everything from that room to the Hammer Hall stage.
Coupled with the perfect lighting and the simple stunning of Peter toilet brush-as he finishes the show, fans of Frum can hardly ask for more.
As he left, many moved forward in order to better understand the array of devices on stage.
In fact, it is a night of indulging the senses, the overload of vision and sound.
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