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nightlife in healdsburg, california

by:Marslite     2019-10-08
Hillsborough, California--
69 miles north of San Francisco. -offers adult-
For entertainment, dining and beverage choices, you will be sure to attract a variety of flavors, situations and preferences.
Whether you\'re looking for a way to reconnect with your other half or just need a night away from kids, adults in this area --
The friendly nightlife is what doctors order.
Raven Film Center (
Srentertainmentgrp. com/raven)
It\'s a four in Hillsborough.
Screen facilities shown first-
As part of Hollywood and Wine services, run movies and set aside two cinemas for adults.
This does not mean that adult films are shown in these cinemas;
This means that only adults aged 21 and older are admitted as some of the best wines and beers in the area are provided with a film screening.
In addition to alcoholic beverages, Raven\'s Hollywood and Wine services include traditional movie-watching foods such as candy and popcorn, as well as various cafe foods such as paninis.
Gaitherville is eight.
A mile north of Hillsborough, where Red Rock Casino is located (Riverside Casino. com)
A variety of game options are available, including poker, blackjack and slot machines.
In addition to the hotel in the hotel, the casino also provides services from most Las Vegas casinos, including catering and entertainment.
Local music shows offer live entertainment at the casino, which also offers a variety of food at its live restaurant, including a Quail Run buffet, a central stage bar and barbecue, a Fortune cafe and a lucky dog.
Guests must be at least 21 years old to enter the casino, which also offers alcoholic beverages.
Napa Valley Opera House (nvoh. org)
It is a National Historic Landmark, about 49 miles southeast of Fort Napa hills.
It offers a variety of live performing arts such as theater, dance, music and comedy.
Most programs are aimed at mature audiences and will not attract children.
The Margrit beever Mondavi Theater at the Opera House was renovated in 2002 to accommodate 500 guests, including a variety of modern-style theaters
Daytime theater features such as full lighting and sound equipment, orchestra pits, green rooms, etc.
The facility also includes a coffee shop and two bars.
Dining is an essential part of any night out and Cyrus restaurant (Cyrusrestaurant. com)
In the heart of Hillsborough, it\'s an ideal way to start or end your night in town.
Cyruss atmosphere for adults;
Its menu includes a variety of five-
The main courses include grilled lobster, duck meat and beef ribs.
When published, the restaurant serves dinner from 5: 30 to 9: 30. m.
And open the bar at 5 in the eveningm.
Cyrus booked two months in advance but needed 24-
Hourly notice to avoid cancellation fees.
This is a very trendy restaurant. Waiters are wearing coats and ties. Guests are not allowed to wear shorts and sleeveless T-shirts.
Shirt or flip flops.
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